Hmm after not posting for couple of days… well actually there are lots that i postponed to be posted…

Okay, just write what i think now….

Today is my friend birthday (let say X)
생일 축하 해요

X sent me messages about the condition of the birthday…actually X is on the project so X can’t celebrate the X’s bday with family and friends.
X said…”it’s the first time for me, having birthday surrounded with people who tried to cheat on me… I miss my old days.”
X’s colleagues didn’t support X in this project.

Then suddenly several thoughts came up in my mind… So far, i never have that kinda birthday.. I used to have my family and lovely friends on my special day… (though they weren’t beside me, bout their attention made me feel so close to them) So i never have birthday surround with people who hate me… Thank God for this blessing.

But, in the other way… i think…that kinda bday is different blessing for X…while other never felt that thing…. But I believe, somewhere out there, there must be lot of people who can’t celebrate their bday or any kind anniversary as luck as I am…

For me.. X condition is a rare gift from God…
Why ??
Cos X can feel how lovely the old days.. X can feel other’s feeling who it not as luck as others… So X can understand others feeling more than I am.
X has pass one step of life that I never have before…

The experience of loneliness, suffer sometimes is God’s gift that we never understand on the day we get it…
But that experience can make us understand other feeling more than those who never have.
Be grateful for it.

So, don’t be sad my friend 🙂 It’s your bday, it’s your day.. I believe, in this birthday you have passed one important step of life 🙂
생일 축하 해요


4 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. (arghhh.. uda ketik panjang lebar… ilang pulak comment g, gnt bhs indo d)

    ada di posisi/keadaan tersebut pas bdaynya… itu khan pilihannya jg ta. Dia bisa aja menolak project itu khan? Lagipula, waktu mulai bergelut dlm bisnis ini, dia jg pasti uda tau resiko2nya berbisnis… ya salah satunya dikelilingi oleh org2 seperti yg dia bilang itu…

    eniwei busway…. mgkn lebih baik ngarahin dia mikir positifnya aja kali yaa.. salah satunya ya yg kyk u bilang diatas td.. atau hal lain… he was making money !! (itu hal yg penting jg khan untuk dia?), atau dr situ dia bisa belajar gimana bersaing dgn org, atau belajar gimana menghadapi orang2 seperti itu….. yahh.. apapun, yg bikin dia kaga ngerasa “this condition’s sucks!!” (hehe..kasarnya gitu….)
    btw.. g lupa selametin d kemaren… hik hik..

  2. huehue…gantian..waktu itu gua ketik panjang di blog u juga gitu hahah (kesannya revenge gitu, padahal emang bisa yak revenge begituan hahah)

    Huff..iya si..tapi di satu sisi itu project bsia untuk kembangin skillnya dia.. .so i support dia hihihi… hehehe include kudu siap denger curhatan about the condition… hohoho….
    termasuk kelanjutannya huehuehue

    Hahaha..belated bday greeting dunk :p

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