Just a Day ^^

Huff…finally after having training for 2 days… It’s fin ^^ Hmmm I had a training about negotiation @Jwc… since i know, communication (esp negotiation) is my weakness hihihi…

Training ran well…a lil bit sleepy = =’ hehehe… * sorry for the trainer *
On my way back to Syahdan, my friend called me, tell about bla bla bla n bla bla….

Then… it’s been a while, i don’t feel well… hmmm dunno felt like so many things spinning in my head.. Just feel mess… In this condition.. FF might saved me hihihi…

So i went to FF, played this and that till felt better… On our way back… Oitsss….
C ceemot said… Eh…Esprit on Sale…
Me : I don’t believe it la…though it’s sale, it must be still out of reach = =’

But finally we got in hehhee… Look here n there…eh eh… 70% looo hihihi… * start to put my interest on it*
Look look.. Looking around… Glance look…. Deep look.. hihiih…
And finally i bought 2 pieces hahaha * can’t believe it o bought it…since it 70% laa… and i really like the clothes.. So comfort hihihi…. We’re the last guests hahha…


Last day training hehehhe. Anyway, today’s meal is better than yesterday 😀
Dinner time….
At first i wanted to eat @Jatim, Scramble Egg (read : telor dadar, is it omelet or scramble egg ? ) hehehe… i want to eat that….
But suddenly the better offer came…. Do you want to eat @ Aliong ??? huehuehue…how can i say no?? Aliong… (MaLing on my eyes huahuaa)

Finally i ate
Maling (of course),
lil bit Piggy (after stole it hauhuahua),
Friend Fried Bihun vermiceli (dunno what is it in English, actually i wanted to eat Friend Fried noodle, but there’s none of it)
The egg (but i shared it, cos don’t want to eat it by my self hihihi)

And after all, post a blog hihihi…
To cool down this messy thoughts 😀

Time to go home then….
To prepare for tmrw…. Job things are waiting hihihi…

Updated July 3rd
* hoho Thnx Nung for the input… Yeah…dunno what’s in my head, till i write Friend noodle huahuahua…. 

5 thoughts on “Just a Day ^^

  1. @anung
    Seppp updated hihi…tararengkyu 😀

    @ lit
    Ah masa seee…. huahuauha..masa gua semaruk itu seee wekekeke
    * padahal abis nyomot piggynya c ceemot juga huahuauha…3 pieces lagi huahahua (tapi da dibayar pake telor 😀 ) *

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