Playing with Javascript

Hmmm don’t be shock with the tittle, though i took IT for my bachelor, but now i’m not a programmer hehehe… I don’t play with programming too (for now)…

I got a message from my friends about playing with Javascript… n i thought it’s quite interesting to share it with you all..

For those who are programmer, it might be a piece of cake for you hihihi… cos it’s just playing with the code ^^

Take this step :

  1. Open your browser
  2. Try to open google for images :
  3. Just insert a simple keyword, example : “world” or anything you want…
  4. Then try to insert the text below in your address bar (make sure this is not the textbox where you write “world” okay?? ^^)

Okay, here’s the text 😀 1.doc or you may try this 2.doc too 😀

Hmmm actually i’d like to write down the script directly here, but dunno why it doesn’t work. So i just put it in the file ^o^

Hohoo…just like my friend said…Javascript is very powerful…

Hmm i never knew that it can be played like this ^^ well… I still amaze to you all who like to play with these kinda things :D…


6 thoughts on “Playing with Javascript

  1. Hohohoho.. I’ve posted this one before on my blog too.. and darn.. it’s not workin if I just write it down in the post… so I delete that post =))

    good idea on writing it in Word :p

  2. @ Ci Wil
    Yups..almost the same, actually i got it from By, he sent me before CN…

    @ Nung
    So that’s the answer why i couldn’t click the “Yang lagi iseng”
    Hoho..yups…I’ve tried too…i didn’t work… got dizzy cos of it, dunno what’s wrong with it… n suddenly decided to use Word laa hihihi….

    @ Lit…
    Try to make the other lit…. since i don’t understand javascript hihihi…

    For those who have other animation of it….
    Please share it ^^
    Or may be want to explain it hahaha

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