Finally I have a moment to write it down 😀

It started on 07.08.07.. I suddenly remember what’s going on last year….hmmm… hoho it’s a rare thing I can remember what happen long time ago ^^





That night I was sick.. but didn’t know exactly what kinda sick was that…the headache, it made me felt spinning around… not only the headache, but also felt like wanna vomit, plus it felt so hard to catch a breath 😦 wish I don’t get that kinda thing again….
It’s enough just a headache… no more bonus for the next I wish..

All I could do just pray…I rubbed my chest and stomach with balsam.. Huff what a dreadful nite…


When I woke up in the morning I felt sooo grateful… cos I could passed that dreadful nite. (there’s always a good point of everything ^^) But I came late for that day…cos didn’t feel really well…so I sent a message to my boss, to tell that I might be late…

Came to the lab… tried to do somethings…but I didn’t think I could handle it.. so I asked my boss’s permission to go back earlier…

Hmm that was my first time I guess… asked to go home earlier by myself… But..let it be la.. better than I got worse.. rite ? ^o^

That day I spent a lot in my lovely room… to make me feeling better… since I couldn’t watch any movie.. the headache will came again of course… (anyway there’s no movie hehe) so I just spent my day with read and write..





A year has passed… the date is the same… also the month… hat’s going on around me also similar with the last year..
But.. It’s me who change… no more crazy headache.. Moreover.. last Tuesday I had my first creambath huahaua.. ( after 23 years of living … silly huh.. but well that’s me 😀 since I didn’t feeling really well couple of these days… n need lil bit refreshing… so I decided to take it ^^)

As I tried to flash back… I thanked God for what I’ve passed in this year…thank you for the friends around me, who supported me a lot…


Hmm finally it was a holiday (huraaaayyyy… ) actually it’s only in Jakarta…hmm not all Jakarta I guess… cos there were some companies still settled it as a work day… So thank God I got the holiday ^o^

Hmm similar with last year…. This day.. I didn’t work hihihi… (what will happen on the next year?? Will there be any holiday again ? Hmmm dunno laa)

But this day… I had a great pleasure time ^^ …. Woke up lil bit late… Then spent my day @ TA hehehe… oitsss… instead of spending money, I had a FF laaa… so it’s a healthful day off ^^

Hmm what I’ve learned a lot for this year is… FRIENDS…. Thank you for my friends who always be there…

I learned not to hide my self for others…
Learning to open up my self to my friends

Unintentionally teach me not to be afraid to ask for a help from friends…
Cos there were times that I couldn’t handle it without a help from friends..
Friends that can remind me, if I’ve became a different me…
Friends that used to hear me whatever I said… though sometime I talked pointless,
But sometimes I need you all just to pour out my silly thoughts…
Thanks for not reply my silly thoughts…

Here I am,

It’s JustMe…

who still have a silly thoughts in my heads
but also still have a spirit to become a better me…

Thanks to you for giving me such a time like this…
Thanks to my friends for being there…



* dedicated to my friends


2 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. muach muachhh tata…..
    kok g keknya GR banget yaaa.. replace “friend” & “friends” with my name… LOL

    taaaa.. serius baru pertama kali creambath????
    (wakaka..keknya pertanyaan yg sama loe balikin ke gua.. beneren serius loe baru nyobain waterboom?) LOL

    a friend in need is a friend indeed….
    prens pooepaaa, tataaaaa…. muach muachh…

  2. Huehueue…iya..dedicated to you juga kok lit muach muachhh….

    wekeke…* Jeb * deee….
    Ya kurang lebih begitulah keadaannya 😀

    Yey…prens pooeepaaaahhhh….

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