Healthy Holiday

Aug 9th 07

Dear Me,

Yesterday was a great day… Hmmm as I wrote lil bit on the previous post…
The day started with late wake up in the morning hehhe (actually I’ve been awake around 7am, but it’s kinda miss to pass a chance to sleep more hihi…so I tried to sleep till 10… Couldn’t sleep more… If I forced my self to sleep more, the headache will come… Since I hate headache… better be I woke up la…
Then sent message … about FF of course ^o^  I wanted to take a swim and some exercise.. *in the high spirit to exercise 😀
Had a light breakfast (just an indomie) then cauuuuuu…

My friend said , it’s kinda silly had a cream bath before FF hehehe…
While others have cream bath after exercise… hmm let it be laa. Since the salon was closed that day…so a day before yesterday was the only chance for me to have it ^^

Started with treadmill, then played with some tools… and finally got into the pool ^^
Had a swim…n swim n swim… till tired enough heheh…
Had a late lunch @ Bakmi GM.. Hihihi thank youuu for the treat ^o^
Walked here n there, to find several things… wasn’t only FF but the sightseeing and window shopping 😀 till around 7pm…
My foot… Huff…   sooo exhausted but happy ^o^

Went back… had a dinner with my friends…. Took a walk (again) to the shop near Anggrek, dropped at Laysin (I bought a book, another cost of the day… 😦 )

After it all, I went to my friend’s place to scan my old photos (my elementary, some high schools photos :D) just great finally I could have the softcopy of those…
Thnx for the scanner pal hehehe
And finally back to my place on 10pm…
Soooo weary… I laid on my bed for a while, wished I could have a catnap cos I still wanted to do several things… but … then…Zzzzzzzz… I slept… Just like elit say… I was “dead to the world”.. didn’t realize what happen around me, n dunno what will wake me up (Thank God I didn’t forget to lock the door…)
That’s why I didn’t even know if there was an earthquake ^^


10 thoughts on “Healthy Holiday

  1. kok bisa inget tanggal gitu an si ta? huehuehue..
    tgl itu emang berkesan banget ya? xixixixix..
    yeah we want your imoetz photo uploaded (the one with short hair style) , PLS.. 😀

  2. xixixixi aja de :P….
    Huahua..jangan ci wil..ntar daku dikira anaknya Sammo :p
    * Anyway i don’t have that pic again… *

    PS :
    Ci Wil…daku tak bisa buka blog anda yang “Who wanna be sexy?” * kena banned di sini 😦
    Padahal mo comment T_T.. Naseb oh naseb….

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