What if questions

Let there’ll be no regret for yesterday Face today with faith. And prepare for the future with no fear.(Anonym).

When i spent my time reading others blog… I read Ms. Jennie’s blog… I’m interesting to answer her questions of life… Questions of what if…

Actually i used to read quotes from BrainyQuote, n suddenly there’s a quote splash on my mind after read that post, that is :

Never regret anything you have done with a sincere affection; nothing is lost that is born of the heart.(Basil R.)

I do like that quote.. teach me to appreciate my self more.. learn to trust what my heart said.. n ready to take all the consequences from it…
Hmm let me try to answer Jennie’s questions that relate to my life…

What if I had chosen a different major in college?
I must be became a different me.. i might not as well as now in using computer… ^^ I might be an architect in Bali i guess 8-> * Wondering *
Anyway..though I’m not so good in IT, taking others might not guarantee i’ll be better than now..

What if I had worked in a different field?
I might have better salary (R u sureee??? heheh) But I love my field now… And I’m really enjoying it..  If i worked in a different field, I might never felt the pleasure i felt. ^^

What if I had learned violin or piano earlier in life?
Though i wished for it.. But i didn’t regret it.. It’s enough to see my bro played it (piano) so well…  N me?? Hmm i’m quite expert playing keyboard anyway…. Of course QWERTY Keyboard 😀

What if I had kept somebody special close to my heart to this day?
I had… n i never regret for it… cos i do what my heart tells me.

What if I had not said something profound and life changing to somebody?
My life will be meaningless… I do really wish i could do something to others… Listening is the first step.. continued with sharing..
( i hope i don’t misapprehend the meaning of the question)

Overall, I’ve decided to be happy, no matter what happen. I’m so grateful for everything that I’ve faced.
There must be something i can learn from it…

Grateful is the key for me to be happy…
Giving is the key to keep grateful, cos we still can give to others
And love is the key to keep giving

Life might be hard, and it has to be like that, well here’s a roller coaster of life.

The obstacles that we must face, along life’s rocky way. Are used by God so we might hear “Well Done” from Him someday(ODB)

* Thnx to Jennie for posting those questions..cos make ma think more *


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