[Article] Thought of Life

Today, my friend gave me a nice reading.. And i’d like to share it with others…

Hope it might enlighten your day…

When you are fishing,
After the fish hooked,
don’t you release the hooked fish
and let it swims to the water freely
Cos it will hurt because of the sharpness of your barb
and it might be suffer it more, if it’s alive.
the pain that will stay with it till it dies

N so does in life..

If you gave lots of hope to someone
till he/she loves you
safeguard his/her heart
Don’t you ever let stood him/her offhand
He/She might be hurt with the memories of being with you
and he/she might not be able to forget everything
for the rest of his/her life.

If you have a plate of meals that is enough for your needs
satiate you enough, enough nutritious for yourself
Why do you waste your time
to disregard it, look for others ?
to satisfy your daintiness
By the time, the meals that served will stale
and you’re not allowed to eat it
You might regret it.

N so does in life,

When you’ve found someone that goods to you
Loves you, takes a very good care for you
Why do you waste your time
to disregard it, compare with others?
You’re chasing for the perfection in someone
By the time
You’ll lose that person
And when that person already belonged to other
You might regret.


8 thoughts on “[Article] Thought of Life

  1. Beda pengaplikasiannya aja :p
    Sama kyk pisau dapur, kalo digunain buat motong sayur ama kalo digunain buat nagih utang huahuahuahua

    Oiya, lupa nanya, posting lu yg ini ditujukan/dipersembahkan buat sapa nih? ;;)

  2. @ Lius…
    Hehehe kan da ditulis di atas..buat others 😀
    So for everyone loooo :p

    @ AV n anung
    one liners deee hehhee…kiding…
    Thank’s for leaving a comment

    @ c ceemot
    dedicated to you de ci huehuehue….

    @ ci wil.
    Hehehe… bangun bangun ci wil da malem, jangan bobo.. * nah lo.. *

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