Competition Time (Hectic Week – part 1)

Finally the competition had done (finished on Aug 16th) … what a tiring days..
started from H-1 when we had to prepare it all….I carried some participants (one from bandung and one from palembang… huff) to the hotel, while ci AO carried others with another taxi…

In the evening…we were shocked with the appearance a lil girl with her new curly look huehuehue… and in the right time she brought a delicious meal… Thnx ^^ I was starving that day 😀

Finish with all, it’s time for us to delivery the meals for the participants… (from campus to hotel) with some argue before we went…but it’s ok la…just keep going… delivery the meals…took the water (the heavy one) from Hero Medit to the hotel…

* ting tong..* the door bell was pushed…

Here’s the dineer…don’t forget to bla bla bla bla….

Hmm dun remember how many rooms we served that day… anyway..we were talented to open a catering rite?? 😀 delivery it door to door huehueue…though it’s tiring but it’s exciting…cos there’s always somethings to be laughed at 🙂

Day of competition

Just became a judge for this competition…looked into their answer…marked it…simple but it’s quite time consuming enough…

To kill the boredom I borrowed c ceemot’s Ipod (thnx :D)… first song was “Ai de lu shang ce you wo he ni” (halah..why should be that song = =’)…  CMIIW for the mistype… 

Overall, this event ran well…congrat to ci ao as a chairwoman of this event 🙂

But there’s still continuation after the competition…that is the training, which still vague till now.. Hope it will be alright…

The day after, I heard some info that I don’t like (or still hard to accept) from my dad… well actually that info already spoken couple of time ago (last year I guess) but it just started to be actualized…

I just wish n try for the best for us… If only I could do something 😐

So this week was fascinated with the preparation of competition and the competition itself. Plus some events that made me = =’ and that gloomy info 😐


2 thoughts on “Competition Time (Hectic Week – part 1)

  1. aihhh… daku mengagetkan ya :)) hahaha..
    tapi daku baek dong..
    ntar dibawain lagi d klo balik kampung lagi..

    uhh.. that delivery time :)) hahaha..
    jadi inget foto delivery girl nya..

    hmm.. I know something’s been bothering you..
    It’s written in your face..
    hope everything’ll be ok with your dad.

  2. hehuehuehue…. iyah..kangen ama sosis naa 😀

    Sep sep… hope everything will be ok with everyone…
    Dad baek kok…
    Maksudnya info yang dikasi dad ke daku yang bikin kepikiran 😦 (tapi untungnya bukan ttg kesehatan dad n mom…thnx G pada sehattt )…

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