Intro to the Hectic Week

Hmmm it’s been so long I don’t write in here hehehe… if it were a meal, it must have been rotten for being ignored couple of week …. ^:)^ [translate it @ YM la]

New month…new spirit… hope not new problem [-o<

So many things happened to me couple of weeks ago (which still continued till now)…I didn’t go anywhere, I’m still here…just messed up with my things…

It’s just perfect…all the problems came up in the same time…work things… private things… family things… anythings… came together in in the same time… huff.. .

Well that’s why I didn’t write in here for couple of days..  I fixed up my mind first before write it.. just feel better if I write with better mind…

A step to blogging again also started from read others blog… so to all of you who keep writing on your blog, I’d like to say thank you…though you might think it’s just write, but for me it encourage me to write back…
(small things for you, but might mean a lot for me 🙂 )

Read others made me smile, think, even laugh…thnx to you all ^o^

Started with read….then left a comment… and it encouraged me to write again… 😀 It just feel great to write…to share what I feel n what I thought.. 🙂

Next post might be divided to some parts… (of course…cos I’ve owed lot of stories n thoughts here ^^) …..

Time to post now ^o^


3 thoughts on “Intro to the Hectic Week

  1. hohohoh…. TATA is back !!
    wb tata… it’s nice to read your post again ~
    hopes everything will run well this and the following months..

    *BIG HUG for ya*

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