Training n Preparations (Hectic Week – part 2)

This week was filled with lots of event… training, evaluation, meeting, rehearsal, concert..were altogether came… (perfect)

Started couple of days before.. I was asked to follow a 2 days training for ISO (22nd -23rd).. at first I said I couldn’t come, cos there’s another meeting on 23.. but finally that meeting was postponed (which is tommorow for now..huff)…

At first I thought I didn’t come to that training, but since that meeting was postponed because of this training, so I had no choice…anyway, I think that’s important training for us (read:work thing) …

On 20th I asked the data for evaluation again.. (I ever asked for it but it haven’t been sent on that day)… Actually I wanted to prepare it earlier…but…what can I say.. .i couldn’t start without the data anyway…

On that 24th was a major evaluation meeting for one semester, and I have to present our condition and evaluate it in the last semester…to represent the condition in my area

I got the data on 21st … but there’s still some dearth in I had to ask for that again… Huff..wish that 21st (Tuesday) I could choose to work only.. there was employee gathering @Senayan on 13pm, also I had rehearsal schedule on 18.30… (lil bit worry how to get there anyway…but let it be la…)

Before went to Senayan, I stopped a M24, cos there’s no transportation provided for that event… short negotiation… and deal…

Organized some assistants that went there with M24, some addition, some deduction…halah..why didn’t they fixed on it = =’ … (dunno why, I don’t like some changes in a very last minute 😦 )
At first they said need 2 cars, after short negotiation and deal… (when I went back for a while – to take a book for rehearsal) the data was changed. It only need 1 car (m24) to go there… 😐

I apologized to one of the driver… cos we only need 1 at last… lil bit fed up with it..huff… also before we went, there’s additional people… = =’…

At last, cos of additional people, some of us went there by taxi (I was one of it)

The show started 1 hour late… actually lot of program already arranged.. lot of entertainments from the employees.. but dunno I just couldn’t enjoy it much :(. The MC were funny too…but I didn’t laugh a lot 😐 thought about the rehearsal, will I able to go there ? … (the concert was on the Saturday, n I felt not ready enough)

I planned to go there after dinner… cos lil bit hungry too.. (even I’ve ate those breads hehehe)..

I waited…waited and waited…. The dinner that was planned will be on 6pm, given on 7pm… great… it’s been so late to go there :|.

At first I blamed for the late, so it ruined on my plan to go to rehearsal… (well sorry then… I was not in a good mood that day 😦 ).. but after I rethought about it… it was just me… who ruined on my own plan :D… cos if I did really want to go there… though lil bit hungry, I might be able to buy some meals outside, and went to the rehearsal… 

So that day I lost one rehearsal… (I promised my self not to lose the next one)
This thing gloomed the rest of the day 😦


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