Training – Worry for (Rehearsal – Meeting Prep) (Hectic Week – part 3)

Wednesday, 22nd

Finally I went to the 2 days training… anyway, I was told that there was network blackout in my area.. so even if I stayed in my area that day, I won’t be able to chat communicate using network… So the day for training was perfect..

In the morning, while I just came to my office, the network still on, so I sent some data as fast as I could, before it didn’t work..

First day of training was ended on 3pm.. (counting… 1. 2.. 3)… yup.. I think I drank 3 glasses of coffee (not a black one laa… I put some cream in it) ^^.. After training, back to work.. .checked up the data that needed for my presentation (on 24th )…  still not complete 😦

Second day of training.. (counting 1..2.. 3…) 3 glasses of coffee before lunch.. (it gets worse huh….. |) gotta change the drink after lunch then…

After lunch…finally… (not about the coffee) but finally I could connect to inet using wifi hihihi… then checked on my mail… wish the data had complete…
(the major evaluation meeting for 1 semester had to be done in a night 😦 will I make it ?? )

Continuing the training… with many things spinning in my head…
(there’s a major work thing also that had to be finished by this day… the calculation of the head count for the next semester)
omaigat… the first rehearsal with the soloist and orchestra was this day too… 6pm… Perfectooo…

Drank drank… I only drank 2 glasses of tea.. n started to feel sleepy again…then back to coffee again 😀
(with a little wish… wish I could stayed up this night… cos the rehearsal might be extended… and I haven’t prepare the presentation for the next day)

5pm … Yeahhhhhhhh….
Training was finish… with lot of some tasks that had to be done (in the 2nd week of oct)… went back to my officeeee…. Reported the calculation to my boss..

Ooopsss..there’s some mistakes that I made in that calculation… (sorry)… we discussed about it a while (till around 6.30pm) I asked for permission to go first…cos I had to go to the rehearsal..

(after copied the data that is needed for my slide of course…. )

Arrived at Tanah Abang (the place for the rehearsal laa..not for shopping 😀) the rehearsal already started (Late again = =’) … took a glance… No more seat near my friend. = =’ so just took a seat in the back.. and tried my best to hear other voice and to blend with it..  Thank God one of my friend from the same group of voice went back so I could hear the right pitch for Sop1 ^^

When the soloist started to sing…. Werrrrr… it made me so peace(I choosed to forget my work load, and enjoy it).. in my opinion, it really a gift to have a voice that comfort others heart :D… as it prediceted… it finished around 9pm…

Annoucement for the next day : “tommorow we’ll have a rehearsal @Gading on 6pm”

(in my heart) Greatttttt…..

I went back with my friend who stayed near BiNus.

On my way back, I start to worry again…
about the next day meeting… huff… no more time, I had to make it even the data still not complete yet, at least I’ll do my best… template, or anything I can do…  But..i lil bit sleepy again 😦 and hungry… So I sent a message to my friends, whether they wanna had a light late dinner (read:indomie hehehe)
I also worry for the next rehearsal… 6PM..@ Gading = =’

And fortunately, they just on their way back to their home, and they wanted to have some.. (thnx cici2… for accompanied me that night… ) I just had my indomie plus a glass of coffeMix to help me to keep awake 😀

(hmm sometime I envy with others who can stay up easily)

So that night I spent with preparing the slide for the next day… that coffee took its part ^^…


9 thoughts on “Training – Worry for (Rehearsal – Meeting Prep) (Hectic Week – part 3)

  1. @ c ceemot…
    Hueee… kalo kudu stay up late trus bangun pagi juga gmn dunk ??

    @ Anung…
    hueee… Ga baek buat yang lagi on diet nung huehuehue….

    @ Lit
    Huehuee…na itu dia..gmn caranya biar ga ke close matanya…
    Masa oles2 bales 😦

  2. @ c wil
    huehue… ngeronda serem ci wil…jadi ngikutnya ngopi2 aja huehueuhe…
    * tapi kalo itu kopi udah jadi satu ama cairan tubuh, kadang ga ngefek lagi… *
    Kadang cara anung juga mantep….tapi efeknya itu loooo = =’

  3. makanya.. besok paginya jangan mau bangun pagi :))

    klo mo ikut saran elita, taro korek api di mata buat ganjel kelopak mata biar ga nutup :)) hahahah..

    eh jadi inget pengawal di Istana Inggris, yang bisa bobo tanpa nutup mata..

    klo Pak Thompson, dia bisa bobo dengan gaya orang lagi nulis :)) hahah..

    *kok malah bahas gaya bobo orang ya.. hahah.. maap..*

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