Happily Ever After

This post is dedicated to my parents…. my lovely mom n dad ^o^ for their wedding anniversary yesterday πŸ™‚

So glad to have you as my parents… the best in the world,
no matter what happen.

Thank you for being a great parent to me for 23 years…
Thank you for keeping the marriage for 29 years
Thank you for supporting me every time i need it
Thank you for creating a wonderful family to me..

Thank you for being a place to lean on for me..
Cos no matter what i am,
I will always be your little daughter

There’s a school for every profession… doctor, architect, lecturer, etc….
But there’s no school for being a parent…
You’ve been a perfect parent to me πŸ™‚
Both of you have become my role model

Wish i could be a good daughter for you

Happy wedding anniversary..

Happily ever after
Love you n God bless πŸ˜€


5 thoughts on “Happily Ever After

  1. happy anniversary to your parents tata..
    let us learn from them.. of how they can grow old together, passing both good and hard times..
    again, selamat ya om dan tante..
    tante seneng dhe.. anak dah gede.. kaya tata lagi dah jadi manager.. hehehe

  2. happy anniversary buat om n tante ~
    smoga penikahan yg uda berumur 29 (hehe.. kyk tgl bdaynya tata) semakin kokoh… moga2 om n tante (plus tata n viktor jg tentunya) bisa melewatin cobaan2 yg ada…. dengan ending yang happy ever after tentunya ^^

    happy anniversary yaakkk (setaon lagi menuju pearl anniversary ^^)

  3. @ All..
    Makaci makaciii…ntar disampein ^^

    @ Lit…
    pearl anniv ? i baru tau ^^ Parah deee….

    @ Anung…
    Anunggg…. [-x (salin ke YM)
    Coba ya…ga di rumah, ga di sini, ga di ttempat laen…ga jauh dari makanan :p

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