Scary Face

A : Your face looks so scary.. Are you really okay ?
B : Hah?? Scary ?? I’m fine….
A : Yups…so scary… is there any problem or anything ?
B : No no… Am i that scary = =’ *plak plak* (hit my cheek… may be it will blush ^^)

Hmmm actually it’s not the first time my friend said like that in these weeks…. Errr… i that scary ?

If it yes then…errrr…. it’s time to put a mirror in front of me huehuehue… No laa..
* Am i???*… Suddenly start to scare my self too…. = =’

SMILE UP!!!!! ^o^


3 thoughts on “Scary Face

  1. scarry face scarry face
    does whatever scary face does
    can it smile for a while, yes it can
    it’s a face
    look ouuutttt….
    it’s a scary face…


    ntah kenapa pas baca judulnya kok resemble nya ke spider pig ya :))

  2. huehehue…spider pig song in my head ^^

    iyah..jadi chubby aja deee 😛

    Hari ini ngajar..untung dapet kelas yang lumayan mau tanya²…jadi happier ^^
    minggu depan i tebar pesona ahhh huahuaua….

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