The Meeting (Hectic Week – part 4)

Friday, 24th

The day that I worried waited for so long…hufff

I woke up normally, around 7…try to calm down and enjoying my time in the morning… (the slide ??? of course not finish laaaa ^^ )

After took a bath.. I enjoyed my time… took a look on my “bread”, prayed  for this day.. my wish for that day : “Just don’t run as I wish… just please strengthen me… and helped me to keep giving my best…”
Continued with dried up my hair.. and ready to go ^^…

On my way to campus…as usual…look up… the blue sky still there…. Huff.. I felt comfort to look up the blue sky.. what a peaceful color… a great cure for anxious heart.

Arrived at work…checked on my mail… finally the data completeeeee!!!!  Huray….. Tiem for battle… 화이팅!!

Butttt…. I choosed to have my breakfast first…. Had my lovely oatmeal plus milk plus millo…. Add a hot water to it… and the oatmeal ready to be ate ^^.. Nyummy… 

+10am….Kringggg Kringggg…

The phone rang… my colleague called….

“Ci, we haven’t set the initial (each of us in Lab we have initial that contains of two letter) for the new assistants…. Tomorrow is the announcement day for them..
We’ll have a meeting on 12 to discuss it”

Perfect… anyway..i still have 2 hours before that meeting… so I continued to prepare my slide.. (Thank God I did some of it last nite) 

( I just think…that time, I must ask my colleagues a lot of thing, to complete the data support for the slide… i think my intonation might lil bit high… in case that’s happened… so sorry…. ) 

11.30amKringggg… Kringgg…

It rang again….. (Arrgghh.. Wish I could silent this phone = =’)

A : “I think I won’t be able to come to the meeting… but I’ll try my hard to come… there’s an important meeting here… if  I can’t come.. please replace me to inform some news..”

(It’s my boss…)

I asked : “Have you prepared the slide for it?”
A : “Not yet.. it’s almost the same with last semester, but add a point about bip bip bip bip”
Me : “Okay… I’ll inform it”

Perfectooooo….clap clap clap… I didn’t like a sudden thing like it… but..what can I say.. my bos also got the annoucement for that meeting suddenly..  ~X(

Great…. In a confined time like this… I still have to revise the slide to be better, but there’ll be a meeting couple of minutes again… also additional slides that had to be announced…

Took a deeep breathhhh…  Calm down…

화이팅!! !!!!!! Back to the battle again….

(Even the octopus couldn’t help this time) 


The colleagues came… for the small meeting about initial…

I realized, I won’t be able to finish it if I lead the meeting… so I asked one of it to lead the meeting…thnx pal..
So they discussed about it, and I keep heard it… while still perfecting my slides….


It’s time…huff… brought the lappie up there (the meeting was in the 3rd floor) then I asked my colleague to rearrange the agenda… so I could have a spare time to go down again, to prepare one more presentation…

The first presentation ran well (just a little bit noisy in the back there…lil bit made me…errrrr…felt unnoticed… but may be it’s just because of my load that affected my feeling too…)

After presented it… I ran down (my place is in the 1st floor), prepared for the new slide… review the last one…deleted some of it, added it…

I planned to create the slide for the new management structure with animation in it…but the time was not enough… so I didn’t make it at last… I just printed it on a paper 😦

I’ve prepared the charger for my lappie… (there’s a reason why it’s bold)
Finished it…copied…and went upstair again…

In the 3rd floor…. O mai gat…..

I forgot to bring that chargerrr…arrrrggghhhh ( ~X( )how can I be that forgetful, I’ve prepared it, buat I still forgot it…

Went back to the first floor just to take the charger (바보 😦 ) 

At last, my bos couldn’t come… cos the meeting that he had to attend was still… and he really need to be there, cos that’s an important meeting. 

Thank God, I finally presented it, continued with read the new management structure for the next semester…. 


Time for the late lunch…..


3 thoughts on “The Meeting (Hectic Week – part 4)

  1. hohoho.. pantesan bolak balik mulu.. sampe bingung g.. ternyata ada yang ketinggalan toh 😀 hehe..

    yang penting kan all went well and all ended well 😀

    jia youu..

  2. huehuee..iyah….
    utang FF nya kebayar pake naek turun hari itu de hehehehe…

    Hectic part 6 ada juga ntar bayar utang FF huehue..jadi ga gitu ngerasa bedosa ga FF 2 minggu huehuehue

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