[Tagged] Inside My Bag

Hohoho…so sorry for the late homework ci Wil ^^

Time to look up into my (new) bag huehueuhe… I bought it 2 days ago…Finally… a backpack for my lovely lappie…
After so long looking up for this bag…i found it huehue…

Things in my lovely bag

1. Wallet of course… one of the checklist wherever I go..The cards and some cash ^^
2. Cell Phones.. the second checklist.. these two is a must…
3. My Lappie (14.1″) .. plus its charger
4. Some ballpoints
5. Hoka-Hoka Bento Gift NoteBook… It’s really helpful to make a quick note and put a schedule
6. Insto.. – Eye-drops..
7. Sweat and oil Clear Film… (huray..Girls thing in my bag looo ^^)
8. A Comb
9. Korean PhraseBook from Lonely Planet… Hehehe..Anywhere i go, i’ll bring it.. To kill the time, in case i should wait..
10. USB..
11. Pads… just in case…. I have to ready rite???
12. Frozzzzz… just in case i’m hungry, and nothing can be eaten…. Candy might help ^^

Homework done ^^
Huehehue… Just realize…so little galz things… So different with elit, ci wil, n others errrr… still not need it la.. huehuehue…


5 thoughts on “[Tagged] Inside My Bag

  1. @ ci wil
    huehueue..iyah…kan ceritanya masi paling in loph ama kolea = =’ kapan yak gua bisa ke sono hihihi….

    Abis kalo biskuit pan kegedean ci wil…(kayak kata elit) jadi..candy aja..yang kecil2, kan ada manis2nya tu..lumayan buat ganjel dikit….

  2. Hahaha….beliin digicamnya dulu dunk :p biar bisa poto2 tas…ato HP juga ga papa de huehuehue… ntar i rajin upload poto de
    Hahahahhahaa…. *kapan lagi bisa sekalian nodong 😀 *

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