Good bye Worry ^o^

Hmm actually it’s for tomorrow…

From the first time it was announced…  for Sept 9th, to celebrate the church b’day, the service wont be here (Kampus Emas. It will be help on Kemayoran, our new half built church… and it will started on 5.30am

Hohohoho…. and as part of the choir, i definitely sure, we will asked to be there earlier..

*err… will i get there ? * in the dawn have to go from BiNus to Kemayoran.. By taxi ?? Alone?? errr…
Better pray for it first…* My mom ever called me “ndesit” i don’t know what language is that (anybody know??) but the meaning is dedicated to person who used to get worry too much… *

Some options came up to my mind about going there…
– Taxi… (alone or errrr? )
– With my friend (but I have to come earlier, and he’s not..and i don’t wanna be late)

3 days ago
* trr trr* The cell phone was vibrating

“To all choir member, we will gather at 4.45am @Kemayoran for Sept 9th. Be there” early huuh… huff.. how will i get there in that morning = =’

2 days ago
i saw c Jol was online, so i asked her Ms.Elsa’s number, may be i could go there with her, since she stayed in T.Abang, i might order the taxi, and go there first to pick her up, then we go together (cos she knows that route to get there)


She (C Jol) offered me to stay at her house from Saturday, so it will be easier to go there on Sunday…

Waaaaa…. think think think… it’s lil bit awkward to stay at others house…but she is not others again, she is my sister-in-law-to-be (she is my bro’s fiance)

So..after think it and short discussion with mom (thnk G i could chat with her hhehehe… save up the phone bill ^^) so i decided to stay at her house tonite ^o^…

Huff.. so relieved… at least i won’t be late for tomorrow (of course i have to wake up earlier ^o^ )

Hohooh…now i’m happy ^o^ no more worries for tomorrow 🙂

Get ready for the first Korean Class now hehehe…..
Continued with rehearsal for the end of year concert (we’ll sing Elijah –  my first favorite oratorio ^o^..sooo dramatic, awesome ^o^)
Then go to c Jol home…

See you on Monday then ^o^ (i wish i could wake up early tmrw hihihi)

God Bless 😀


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