The Concert (Hectic Week – part 6)

Huff..finally I reach the last part of this hectic week… 

It’s the Aug 25th the last day of the week… the concert day..

Actually it was my Saturday off, but, since I was allocated to be one of the training in the softskill training, so I couldn’t miss it 🙂
In the morning, I went to the lab earlier (7am) cos  I hadn’t prepare for the materi… I thought it was started on 7..but I was wrong = =’, it started on 8am…it’s ok la…
Wait for my boss to come…

After he came, then we shared the content, we’ll present it by turns..

Bos : “ Your kid just ask me about work shift distribution for the new assistants. It seemed like they still unsure about that”
Me : “Heee?? I thought it was closed = =’ “  *
Well my mistake to not to confirm it before…*
Me : “ how’s the result yesterday, I heard it there were 4 people that cut off.. “
Bos :“Yup finally they decided to cut off 4 people.. “

those people didn’t passed the selection process to become assistant, so they have to be cut off…
Me to my colleague : “Hmm okay. Give me the last condition.”
* Even the work place distribution hasn’t close = =’… I was sooo late… huff… couple of minutes will be annouced, and it still not finish yet…*

Cool cool…try to be cool… today is the concert day laa… I shouldn’t be fed up in the morning…
Discussed it a while… thank G, c El came early too, so it could be closed fast.


Annoucement time…

They were called one by one, with their new initial (our uniqueness in lab, everybody has its own initial that contains of 2 letters)

Continued with the “softskill training” … we explained the daily life in lab, the contraints…overall, about the work itself. What will they face for the next 2 years.

* I wish this generation will be a good generation — I welcome 072 *


*Trr trr* My cell phone vibrated…
Friend : “When will we go to Gading” my friend msg me (thnk G I could asked for a ride to him)
Me : “I have to be there by 3pm, earlier is bout 1pm”
Friend : “Before 1pm will be great”

Waa..a day before c jol asked me, whether I wanted to join the lunch before last rehearsal, but we had to gather on 1pm.. so we won’t be in a rush….

Me : “Okay, I try my best to go before 1pm, I’ll try on 12”


So hungry…so.. I asked for permission to my bos

“ I think I have to go now, cos I still have to prepare to go there. And wanna have a lunch”

* Thnx bos ^^*

Had a lunch, went back…packed up to my backpack…
* Big bottle of water (checked),
* the song(checked),
* the clothes (checked),
* the shoe (checked)
* spare clothes (checked) – just if I got sweaty..
* make up accessories (checked ^^) – err..actually it’s just a powder, blush on, lipstick and lipgloss hehehe…

Ready to goooooooo… to gading….
(well, those what’s inside my bag on that day hihihi) 

My friend came… with lot of stuff with him…
“Do you mind to bring this lappie, cos I’ll bring my own, and this box”
“No problem” Cos I brought it will be easier for me.. (than a day before…lappie on the right and helmet on the left hand)
Now it’s just lappie on the right and the full backpack on my back hehehe…
(exercise number 1) 

Stopped in the “tugu tani” traffic light
* touch touch *  Oopss…someone touched me.. in that halt condition…Hold the lappie tighter…I’ve heard so many crimes when someone stopped in the traffic light…
* look back *… OMG it’s a man…
*touch touch*
*point point*…he pointed the tire… my friend turned his head… looked over it.. 

“It’s leak” the man said…
“Thank you” Though I still not sure about what’s happened..

“How?” I asked my friend…
“My tire lil bit troublous.. “
“Okay I’ll go down first”

I walked to the side, while he was pushing his motorbike…. Yeah..the tire was leak…
So we walked to the nearest place to fix it…errr…I couldn’t say it’s near but it’s also not faaaar ..moreover in a broad daylight like that plus lappie, backpack, helmet (of course I didn’t walk with helmet in my head ^o^…)
Anyway, it didn’t bother me…let count it as an exercise before the concert…huff…
(exercise number 2 ^^)…

I sent a msg to c Jol, to inform that I could be there, so don’t wait for me…
And when she offered me, whether I wanted to ask for lunch..i said yessss huehueue… anything that can be categorized as light snack ^o^.. (lil bit hungry that time…)


Huff..finally I arrived at gepembri…thnx to my friend for a ride… 🙂
Rushed to the 3rd floor…Huff.. Thnk G the rehearsal hadn’t started yet… huff…
( I imagined, If I was late…being stared at… especially with the conductor…Hiiii…what a scare one if that’s happened 😀)

Waa…c jol bought me sandwiches..nyummy..really a healthy snack ^^..lot of vegie n nyummy :D…thnx ci 😀 

Huff..take a deep breath after all…
Finally the rehearsal started…it ran well..and so did the concert…. 

The concert…

It was awesome… the violist (amazing), pianist, soloist, orchestra also the choir…all was well…Huff..thnx God..finally it ran well…

It’s all finished on 22.30… huff…
End of hectic Week.. 

I am so grateful, that I can pass that week…hard but challenging…

It that week, I learned about the peaceful anxiety… what an accurate “bread” for me in that time…
Thank God…


2 thoughts on “The Concert (Hectic Week – part 6)

  1. “especially with the conductor…Hiiii…what a scare one if that’s happened ”

    hahaha.. conductor nya scary ya Ta :))

    kira2 the conductor would yell at you like this : “coba kamu yang terlambat.. memang anak muda jaman sekarang, ga bisa on-time, maunya telat melulu.. mau jadi apa kalian..”

    *ampyuunn Pak.. :D*

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