Glad to come Home [next year ^^]

Hohoho..though it’s not for this year, but finally i got the ticket to go home for the next year… January 2008 hihhiii…

Yesterday finally I’ve booked the ticket…What flight??? Of course still Air Asia 😀 xixiix..

Since the ticket for this end of year already soooo expensive, so i decided to go back after new year la…
Imagine…739++ just for one way?!?!?!?…. No Thank you.. i better save it for others 😀

So finally i got the ticket : 670 for return hihihi… *cring cring* Saving done 😀

Hohoho so excited  for the next year…

Though something came up in my mind….
Will i be in the  same house ??? Hmmm dunno….

Yesterday’s happiness covered up that thought…

Suddenly, this morning i realized, it’s so different with last year…

Last year, i tried my best to be home in the end of the year… *well ticket price also wasn’t as expensive as now i think :D*
Why??? Cos i committed to my self, to be home for Christmas.. Spend that day with my fam (though my bro wasn’t there xixixi)

But this year…i won’t be home for xmas, but i’ve found another home…
It’s important  to be real home… the presence….
But when the condition doesn’t support it..
A home is enough just a warm attention from my family.. Communication.. that’s enough for me…
If there’s no family around me… my friends are the best cure
With that i feel home, anywhere i am…

So no need to sad about won’t be home for this year… I’ll be home anytime… And i’ll be back next year 😀
Anybody wanna join ???? ^o^

* So exciting when i write about it 🙂 *


2 thoughts on “Glad to come Home [next year ^^]

  1. btw… chinese new year itu kapan yah ta ??
    pengen balik jkt chinese new year..
    kali kali ke sambet ampe ke bali jg balik nya……. see how first lho :p

  2. Chinese New Year : 7 Peb 08
    Ayo ayo balik, pas deket bday kan.. *nah lo* langsung ditodong gitu hahaha

    Eh eh..bali februari ada tiket murah tu kemaren (mana tau dikau mo palentinan – ama si anung yang lagi cari temen palentin kemaren – di bali gitu huahuaua)
    * kalo tu tiket belon abis hehehe *

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