Should i go..shouldn’t i ?

Hmm suddenly i remember Zet’s blog…similar Title huuh ^^…
(Zet.. i borrow it from you yak ^^)

hmmm…This best friend (Hong2) came to Lab… and asked : “Ta, we’re going to have a travelling (Jkt-Plbg-KL-Sing) in the end of this year”

Hah??!?!?!…. Waaa…. what a great news…

Her : “Don’t you go to travel too ? Cos you’ve told me about that plan”
Me : “Hmm it was canceled… because of this and that”
Her : “Waa… i thought that you’ve decided to go with that plan”
Me : “Well.. let it be”
Her : “Wanna join???? We (Me, Ibu, Ita n Pepen) will go, and we’ve booked the ticket :D”
Me : “How’s the plan???”

She told me about to go there…the price, the schedule…

Me : “How’s the return?”
Her : “Naaa..that’s the point that we haven’t decided hahaha”
Me : “Haa?? Crazy = =’… “

In the other side, i am very interesting with that trip, i also miss the moment to be with them… My old friends from Kost Mandala, i miss you galz… So i asked my mom..

Mom : “Why don’t you take travel, i will be easier also cheaper for you”
Huff…the same answer just like when i asked her with the first plan πŸ˜€
* i didn’t learn huh hehehe.. i should prepare with that answer*
Me : “Okay then, i’ll think about it”
The same answer i gave it to her = =’

So i asked for the detail budget to go there… *till now*

Hmm actually… i really want to go.. Why ???

1. I miss the moment with you all galz… really miss that = =’
2. Hmm i never go abroad…
let’s count it as a bliss cos i’m from bali, where the view is sooo if looked for views…i think bali still has a better views ^o^…
3. I want something challenging..
Above all, I want to goooooo xixixi, but still confuse with the plan, the budget, everything… huff….

So should i go or shouldn’t i ??


5 thoughts on “Should i go..shouldn’t i ?

  1. you should go.. just be a backpackers and you’ll save the money.
    You pay for the new sightseeing spots not on the luxurious hotels, aren’t you?
    so backpacker will be the solution. πŸ˜€ experience new challenging thing. πŸ˜€

  2. go .. go .. go………………….
    visit me !! πŸ˜‰
    i miss u so much anyway. hohoho …………

    or.. i can go KL and join you……….. i never been there anyway. huahauhau..

  3. @ C Wil n Zet n Riep
    Hohohoho…. Iyah…
    Tapi setelah a deep thought in one kejadian HP rusak…
    Akhirnya diputusken….
    Jreng jreng…
    Jadinya I tak pegi….
    Pengen beli HP aja de $$ nya hihihihi…
    Secara kebutuhan HP lebih urgent. jalan2 masi bisa kapanΒ² ^o^
    * ada hikmahnya juga ni HP rusak *

    @ c ceemot..
    Hohoho…ada aja de… tapi kalo diteliti itu Plbg kan yang masi Indo, selaen Jkt, jadi bisa diasumsiken, transit sebentar getuuu :p

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