Hmmm… today is my dad’s bday…

Happy happy happy bday to youuuuuuu
I wish all the best for you dad πŸ™‚
May God Bless Youuuuuu foreva n evaaa… *muach*

A mighty dad ^o^ congrats for these years of miracle,
Through him i saw 2 amazing deadly miracle
Though your body might be seems weak
But you have a wonderful spirit…
Happy bday ^o^

I just make a call to home… * with my “blue” one, well. though you can’t show anything, at least i still can make a call and receive a call hehhee… actually i can receive a message, but i can’t read it hihihi *

Mom picked up the phone…
Me : Mom, is dad there ?
Mom : Minute, his hand still unclean, he just have gardening
Me : He ??? gardening…haiyaaa…. just don’t be too tired laaa…

Dad on the phone
Me : Happy bdayyyyyyy…. hehehe…
Dad : thank you thank you πŸ˜€
[ and the conversation goes…. also i tell them about my snorkeling plan on the next holiday hohohoho….so exciting ^^]

Phone back to mom…
Mom : So have u heard the news from koko today..
Me : Nope..what’s up??
Mom : This morning..your dad…the mouse one ( his shio Chinese zodiac is a mouse, the same with me hihihi… ) got a shocking present…

We made a stewed rat hahaha…

Okay, they didn’t eat it laa of course…

This morning the rat was caught in the cage… last nite my set it…
And this morning, the rat was caught…
What did they do ???

They pour a boiled water to it… *errr… sounds sadistic… but…errr… yaiks* so the rat was died unpeacefully … sorry rat… but… so be it πŸ˜€

Mom : So this morning, the mouse got a stewed rat…

I laughed on it… what a news….

May that stewed rat can be an example to other rats..to go away…syuh syuh syuh….
May be it’s bcos of the paddy field in the back of our house?? or the empty field beside ours… (hahahhaa…blame it to other :p … or may be it’s because of our house??? No laaaa ^^..resist to the rat rat thing in my house hehehe)

Anyway… 생일 μΆ•ν•˜ ν•¨λ‹ˆλ‹€ to you dad ^^
Luv ya ^o^
GBU ^^


8 thoughts on “Ratatoustew…

  1. yaikkks….. menghilangkan selera makan orang… sadiz amat ta T_T

    eniweii… Happy Birthday for your dad ~ Long live and be healthy, always πŸ™‚ god bless yr family ~

    hmm shio = chinese zodiac..kyknya dulu sering baca ta. cuman lupa dimana

  2. Hohoho…thank you thank you for the greetings…my dad must be very happy on it [-o<

    @ c Nat
    Hihih..iyah..si ratatouille nya sekarang versi stewed xixixi

    @ c ceemot
    Huehuehue..my blu blu sooo faithful to me, and so do i πŸ˜€
    Kecuali kalo ada yang tibaΒ² mo kasi HP free begitchu…
    * eh cici puraΒ² aja taro di atas meja saya….unknown sender gitcuuu xixii*

    @ lit
    hahaha….kan bagus lit..setelah begitu banyak uang yang dikau berikan ke samudra dan sejenisnya πŸ˜€ gua bantuin loe biar ga pecah ban kok
    * Kaburrrrr pake ban-tei πŸ˜€ sebelon kena bantai :p*

    @ Cia
    Hoho iyah…hix..selalu ngiler tiap liat blog cia… *slurrpp*

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