What a crime

Easy…it’s not my crime… i just want to share what my friends and me deal with… huff…

(all the names here has been changed ^^, to protect their ID)

Sept, 17

“Hallo ,this is nick – aaron’s friend- . Do you still hold a copy of our signatures while we made the joint account?”, suddenly nick called me (I didn’t know who was it, till he said it :D, since the blublu was ill that time ^^)

I made a joint account with my friends (we’re in 5) a year ago, to help us learn a real stock trading. Why I decided to join it???
Hmmmm I’m kinda person that have to be pushed to learn :D, so if I join it, then I’ll use a real money on it…and I don’t wanna get loss (of course ^^)

“ I don’t think so” (hihi I don’t even remember, did I ever asked a copy for it?

“What’s up?”

“We got a problem, and I do really need that document”

“How bout aaron? Can we contact him ? ” Aaron is our PIC in this account, so I directly think of him, may be he still have it..

“I’ve asked it, and we do loss it.”

“Okay then, I’ll contact you later, sorry I can’t tell you the problem now”

Hmm wondering, what’s happen…. Little bit curious, what’s behind it all… But I was in the training (as an assistant)..
Anyway, since aaron still reachable, it will be fine la. Cos he is the PIC..


Sept 19

In the morning…

“Have you got the news about the problem?”, brian asked me….
* Haiya of course no la,,, no one told me about it… *

So, here I tell you…

Last Thursday, Nick received an envelope from B******M, that said he’s suspected for the bad trading one of the stock in B**.
He was asked to go there, to clarify it all in the next week.

Something bad, he suddenly had an account – that he never created – in one of the security company in Jkt AND in one of the Bank in Jkt…

Wowwww…..what an expert… Opening two accounts with others identity..

Brian continued, “Not only that, I also have an account – that I never create – in that security company…
May be someone – inside that company – had stole the data we gave at first we create a joint account… so he/she used my n nick data to have a trading.
I’ve checked your id and christin’s id, both of you are save, there’s no account with your name on it. “


I hadn’t finished imagine what’s happened, Nick called me again….

“I hope we can meet today, after work hour. Since Aaron n Brian have a seminar till 9pm, I suggest to meet at Sarinah may be. A place where we can discuss till night… “

Huff..seems like we do really need to meet, so I agreed on his idea, I suggested Bucks @ Sarinah, so I could ordered a coffe to keep me awake.

By the time goes, while I was confusing about to get there… (also the work things – that the deadline is TOMORROW = =’).. the plan had changed, we decided to meet in front of JWC, the Pizza place.. (thnx G, I just wish I had enough power to keep awake) … they said it open till midnight..

In my opinion, anything, as long as we can discuss it, cos I wanted to know the detail condition. If we started together, at least we had to end it and solve it together too…

We gathered there, I hadn’t have my dinner… so I ordered some meals… And hot coffe (of course ^ ^)… it started around 9.15pm.

At first, nick told us how he received the letter from B******M, he showed us… it stated that he is one of the suspect as the one who ruin over company XX stock price. And to clarify it, he had to come on the next week, and there’ll be a penalty (around 100million – as far as I remember) if he didn’t fulfill it.

So he contacted the security where we had our joint account, cos that’s only the company where he played… after had discussin with the director…

At first the director suggested him not to come * I felt weird with this thing…actually…*

Nick also tried to ask some of his friends, especially those who are expert in trading things.. and most of them suggested him to come…
He also asked his friend who work in Bank YY, did he had an account there…Cos that security company can only transfer to 2 banks…

His friend asked him about his detail id, from his name, DOB, address, alllll were so precise… and it was… there’s an account under his name in that bank…

“wow…there’s a transaction valued more than 1 billion in your account, in one day only..”

Can’t imagine his feeling when he heard it.. someone had forged on his id, and made him as a scapegoat like this…

How could a bank opening an account without his appearance… * weirdo *

When he was on the B******M, he told everything.

He never played on that stock, what he ever did, just had a joint account (that used for learning, cos we got a lesson about that in our class, and wanted to know a real trade…that’s all, just for study)

He even prepared all the data related with it, he printed all our email that discussed about the stock that we’re going to buy / sell…
He had prepared it all, in case it’s needed as a proof…

So that night, after he told us everything, all the surprising things in banking, trading… we made a letter to the securities where we have joint account, to close that account, and all the data related to that account wont be used anymore, also all of us never have an account in that bank.

Huff…all of it ended on 11pm ++… OMG = =’ I was sooo sleepy that time… (2 glasses of coffee -one in 1pm and the other one in 9pm- didn’t play its role that day)… But thank God, everything had cleared on that day…

Just wait the account to be closed…

And what I got, that joint account didn’t teach me just to trade…but also the importance of our personal data… once other had it…
It can be forged

What a great lesson for us all…

I’m so grateful to have them as my partners to learn…

The other lesson for me is how a smart man can be an awful man like that…

Arrive at my room… I had a deep sleep = =’ but thank G I could woke up before the “Sahur” started hehehe… so I started to do my unfinished job 😦

What a crime… hufff….
Wish this case can be resolved soon.


9 thoughts on “What a crime

  1. hooo.. untung daku tak bermain2 dengan saham.. tapi banyak cara si untuk stealing ID, jadi serem ne..

    semoga semuanya dapat diselesaikan dengan baik ya Ta.. praying harder 🙂

  2. Amin..harusnya da rebes si… hahaha..itu si bukan karena maen sahamnya si ci… menurut daku si terlepas itu saham or not…teuteup aja kemungkinan stealing ID itu guedeee…
    * errr… ini pembelaan diri yak xixixi*

    Just wondering the mafioso behind it, maennya ampe M M -an sehari..mending itu dikasi daku yak xixixiixi ^^

  3. @ Ape
    Kalo takut terus kapan belajarnya dong huehuehue… high risk high return pe

    @ lit n nung…
    kemungkinan besar si emang orang dalem…
    Ih..ga brani sebut di sini…ntar i di crucify 😀 hehehe…ntar i info via ym aja de :p

    @ riep..
    Dari pada titip ke om mending kasi ke i, beli dinar huahuahuahuaua…

    *Investing mode on huahuaua *

  4. Iyah pelajaran yang suanguat berharga de itu..hehe tapi untungnya da rebes bes bes…accountnya da ditutup..

    hueuhue..iya… naksir liat headernyaaaa… jadi serasa di 4season country hahaha
    * wish i were there huehue..*

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