The Right Brain vs Left Brain test

I just got interesting email from my friend…Just take a look on this picture….

Clockwise or anti clockwise?????
… do you see the dancer turning clockwise or anti-clockwise?


If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa.
Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it.



* Me???*
Truly left I see it anti-clockwise while most of my friends see it clock-wise and i am sooo confuse, how they can see it anti-clockwise …but finally….after try very very very hard… turn my head down…
FINALLY!!… i can see it clockwise ^^ But need a lot of focus and concentration on it.. Huff…

So how bout you????


34 thoughts on “The Right Brain vs Left Brain test

  1. hohoho..dizzy dizzy then…
    I tried harder to see that way ^^…puter kiri puter kanan, puter pala…akhirnya bisa liat dianya muter2 kiri kanan, setelah ada yang ngotot itu gambar ganti² :p

  2. gw pertama kali liat, langsung : anticlock-wise tuh..
    Tus setelah micing2in mata, baru bisa liat clockwise hahah

    hahahah, brarti gue otak kiri ya…

  3. Hehehe…. ternyata banyak yang clockwise yak… bagemana caranya yak biar pas liat bisa langsing itu clockwise 😛
    * the same question kali ya buat yang liat clockwise untuk liat anti-clockwise*

    Hmm kalo yang liatnya ganti ganti berarti…….. ?? 😀 * apa yak?*

  4. anticlockwise… tapi gw bisa liat clockwise juga 😛
    gw kira ada 2 gambar, gw donlod, split gif nya (ternyata ada 34 frame)
    coba puter2, beneran bisa liat clockwise n anticlockwise juga >.<

  5. g dapet email begini jg.. tp gambarnya diem… huahaha, g kira g yg error apa… ternyata gerak2 gini toh.

    clockwise… muter ke kanan khan???
    g liatnya clockwise tuh… udah konsen gimanapun juga.. mata dipicingin..kepala diputerin… tetep aja clockwise……. T_T perasaan jelas2 itu clockwise arahnya..kok bisa liat anti clockwise yaa?


  6. Iya muridku, clockwise itu kanan…
    Kanan itu yang biasa pegang sendok yak 😀

    hahaa…bisa lit…loe geleng² pala ampe pusinkkk… * sini gua transfer headache gua * trus miringin kepala…
    Trus liat lagi 😛

  7. akhirnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… g bisa liat counter-clockwise……

    *elita numpang tempat tata*

  8. Hohoho..coba om di test….. min kali min bagemana??? :p

    Ato mo kayak elit om ? harus liat lagnsung di sebelah saya dengan sedikit “dibantu” baru liat ntar anti-clockwisenya 😀

  9. I easily see her going both ways. Nice trick. Since we only see the silhouette we can’t determine which way she is actually spinning.

  10. No, if you present this to the left visual field (right brain) only, the person sees it one direction, cw or ccw. and then close their eyes, wait and then present it to the right visual field only (left brain) it still spins in the same direction. So cut the right brain left brain crap.

  11. i see it both ways…..but the first time y saw it right…

    (it´s harder for me to write in english than to change the girl of sides!!!… i thik my mind work´s better with imgages :P)

  12. Keren… awalnya cuma keliatan Clockwise…
    sampe gue potong tinggal kakinya, trus ke atasin lagi.. TADAAAAAAA… jadi Anti-Clockwise haeuhaeuaehuhaeah

  13. The picture flips back and forth from clockwise to counter clockwise. It has nothing to do with the brain. Just focus at the head of the girl. the legs can confuse you. You’ll see it change every 15 seconds or so.

  14. she looks like she is walking away…. not spinning at all. does that make me dual-brain or no-brain?

  15. Four of us in our family watched it and all saw it both ways but at different times. My son would see it change but I wouldn’t. I’d see it go one way and he’d see it the opposite. My husband is left handed and saw it the same as I did.

  16. This is flawed. The image of the dancer is programed to switch from spinning clockwise to counterclockwise. If you take the time to look at it long enough, you will see the change in direction. they shouldn’t use this as an example of right brain left brain relationships. Noticing this, I had thought that my left and right hemispheres were somehow switching over dominance. If this thing did work it would be nice. But it really doesn’t.

  17. woaw, cool….
    i saw it clockwise,
    then read the article, then went to anti.
    read the rest and now its clock wise.
    wonder whats its gonna be after posting this comment!

  18. I don’t believe the left/right brain nonsence, especially as two days running it’s spun different ways. Clockwise when reading programming notes, anticlockwise when reading quantum mechanics…

  19. I get clock and anti clock if I put my finger in my left ear and blink it changes guess what I suffer from tinnitus in my left ear that’s another thing to add to the plot

  20. It’s definitely an illusion and not a trick, nor is it coded to switch directions. I know because I can see turn anti if I scroll my browser up to only show her head an chest. However if even glance at her foot that is planted on the ground for even a second it goes back clockwise. If it was programed to actually swap directions, I would be able to catch the anti motion while looking at the foot she is standing on. Logically, it would be too much of a coincidence for me not to, considering I’ve been staring at this thing baffled for over 25 straight min.

  21. Mine’s just keep changing from clockwise to anti clockwise O_O
    And it takes me to change it like 5 sec.
    It’s kinda weird.
    What does it mean?

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