* Update *
Haiyaa..i just realize that i wrote Hynotizing before = =’…
* End of Update *

Huff… i really hate headache 😦

This headache came since yesterday…. Aarrggghhh..how could it came in a very not a good moment
* is there any good moment for headache??? 😀 *

Huff..i still have to finish the data for tomorrow meeting with big boss, but this headache made me arrggghhh 😦 Can’t focus with that…
* when will you gone??? *

* I just take a Panadol extra (the red one) *
Cos that’s what i believe, the headache will be gone with Panadol extra….

Hypnotize hypnotize…. panadol is really great… it’s the best cure for me…moreover there’s 65mg of caffeine ^^..so no sleepy 😀

* fusssshhhhhh * headache will be gone in 2 hours…

If it doesn’t work???
It will workkkk!!!.. it has to be work!!!
Just if it’s not…… Caffeine is the answer…

Huff..let me hypnotized @_@…. Just to move away this headache….
* Syuh syuh syuh…. and headache is out *

The data will be ready
The analysis will be done
The meeting will be fine
The lecture will be great…
Tomorrow will be perfect!!
* Hypnotize hypnotize hypnotize….*


7 thoughts on “Hypnotizing

  1. Updated….Yeah…headache is goneeeeeeee ^o^….
    *masi sisa dikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitt lagi si on the right side, tapi much much much much better :p *

    panadol merah emang manthap :p

  2. Rather than hypnotizing, close yr eyes and take deep breaths. Sit down in a quiet place for 5 mins and wash yr face with cold water. If u yet feel the pain, put on some music and start dancing, trust me u will enjoy ! 😉

  3. @ assemkhan
    Thank youu ^^
    Music really helped a lot…. the next day, i worked with earphone and classical music… Hohoho..really helped ^^

    @ ci wil..
    Hohoo… I’ve asked for 3monts-leave @FF ^^
    So will be back in the new year with new spirit…and of course with new target hahaha… (5kg more to go)
    I think i’ll try the class session… ^^ after so long, i just took 1 cycling session … 😀

  4. Thats nice to know, actually even I never listened to a lot of music, but recently a friend of mine gave me a CD of songs and I put them on my cell phone, so its been a good change for me.

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