A lesson from Bibimbap

On Monday, i went to GI with my friends… The purpose was…. Having Korean Food xixixi…

Me???? Of course i won’t miss it :D..

Finally after couple of very hot days, that evening, the rain came… quite big..

* Tadaaaa… *

We went directly to 대장금… 1 meal that i knew for sure.. of course 김밥 (read : Kim [means nori] -Bap [means rice] ) ^^ I like it.. and i can shared it with others.. .(of course i ordered it to be shared)

Hmmm the main menu… hmmm..after pointed the menu..played with it… i chose 비빔밥 (read : bi-bim-bap)


Hmmm first… i see it like “nasi pecel” hehehhee… First time i saw it was at “Full House” – A Korean Movie
Seems like soo delicious, all the stuff mixed into one.. I like this kinda food 😀

Soo.. i decided to order it.. and special request : No Chili!!! ^^ or something Hot…

The first order came….


here it comes the Kimbap 😀 plus with the Kimchi..
Err..actually i didn’t like the Kimchi… Cos it’s quite hot..

We chatted while waiting for the other meals… My friend ordered Bulgogi, this one was nyummy 😀 (just lil bit small hahahahha)

And finally… My order was came ^^


My bibimbap…*sluuurp* Seems delicious… Served with the hot pot, so the egg will be done (i ordered it half-done)

It contains egg (of coursee… it’s the most appeared here hehe) plus other vegetables and meats…

And just like the wiki said… the way to eat it is… MIX it up….

* Mix mix mix mix…and mix it… *

And finally…it’s ready to be eaten…

* oitss… .before it was eaten…. click click is needed ^^ *


Hohoho…all the yummy things before mixed were disappeared, what we can see is only a mix rice with all the mixed stuff ^^…

The taste ????

Hmmmm so so… Not too bad, but not too good too 😀
The bulgogi is more nyummmy.. -> will be the next menu hehehe…

Sooooo…what’s the relation the meals with the title??

When it came…it shocked us… becozzz…the size of the pots…
If only i knew it before…. I would order half of it… or shared it with my friend…

How big is it???

* Tadaaaaa *

How Big

As you can see….. The pot is really big.. which means…the portion is also a jumbo one = =’ … hix hix… hello to all calories = =’…

I compared it to my “blublu” (read : 3350) … and the chopstick… OMG…it’s diameter as long as the chopstick Hixx…gotta work hard after eat it 😀

But since i want it, so i finished it all…what a fulllllll one… Fyuh….
All the FF seems gone away in 1 nite = =’


To pay this sin = =’…. sit up after eat it is a must ^^ hohohoo…

Sooooo…. bibimbap @ GI is really suit for you who are sooo starving to eat it all ^^

PS : thnx to Ci AO for lend the N73 to take all the pictures hihihihi…

* fyuh..time to do the homework = =’ *


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