Holiday..I’m Coming ^^

Hohoho…it’s holiday eve in here… well…though not too long, but quite enough to have refreshing of course 😀

Hmmm… 12 – 16 will be day-off… So what’s the plan…

1. TOEIC!!! huhuhu..gotta prepare with it… so i have to study.. to reach for my dream… (4season country…. wait for me ^^ hahahhaa..)

2. Snorkeling @ Pulau 1000 ^^ … plan for 14 n 15 hoho… will i darker than before ??? Hohohoho no worries, i’ve been there, every year, i always getting darker… cos beach is a must ^^
Wish the weather support it.. [-o<

actually those the main things for this holiday 😀

Hohoho… preparation to Pulo, already settled since 2 days ago hihihi…
* i’m not good at packing up the things, so i need more time for it*

one for sure, the meals… why?? Cos i can’t be too hungry 😦 * Maag * hix… sooo… the snack i prepared is Farley 😀 I think that will be help 😀

Beside those two things, i’ve bought some films too, hihihi.. in case i get bored on studying.. ( refreshing is a must loo :p )

Oits…almost forget… i still have homework in updating the Korean lesson… hohooh…get ready for the next post ^^ 

Actually there’s one big task that i have to do…. Cleaning up my messy room = =’… Hope i can make it xixixi…

Well, let see what will be happen after holiday :p
Will the checklist checked with done or……… 😀

Happy holiday ^^
*So exciting with the snorkeling hihihi*


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