My childhood (part 1)

Something for sure, my childhood was sooo wonderful ^^
The moment that i missed a lot.. when there’s no problem 😀
Okay start to do the homework..Hmm let me introduce the cute me…Hohohoo..finally start to post a photo in here ^^… get ready to see me hehehhee… (inspired with ci wil… who is was soo cute ^^)This post will be full of photo 😀 – narcist mode on ^^ –

(hmmm mostly my childhood photo is with my bro, since we’re quite close… hehehe)

Me Bro And Me
Background :D…In my definition of childhood, i’d like to interpret it as my life till i was in a high school ^^ (or it’s concluded as teenhood ^^ hehehe…anyway, i’m free to interpret it as i like, rite? 😀)Okeh…..let’s start it :DAs i ever wrote before… i spent my childhood in our small restaurant (let’s called it Depot) @Dps.. so.. i live in RuKo (dunno la in english…:D ) where the :
1st floor : Depot plus half for kitchen
2nd floor : half for kitchen n half for a room
3rd floor : totally a room 😀 with a tiny place for my dad’s flowers…He loves flower a lot… and also other plants…actually we ever had a home before depot, but that was when i was a kid ( i can’t even remember how it be…what’s left on me just the photo :D)

Me And Bro

Say cheesee… hihihi.. . what a cute me xixixi * narcist mode one *

Back to Depot

This depot really memorable for our family, because of that, we can have our real house now 😀

A place where i learned a lottttt

Here’s the picture of 2 cute kids in front of our depotDepot Mie Bandung Here’s the picture of 2 innocent kids on the third floor.(you can see there are lots of “ruko” behind us. And the big one is a Plasa.

Depot Mie Bandung 02

So most of my childhood spent in this place, if not in our depot, then i played at Plasa.. hehehe…What kinda game???We’ll see in the next post ^^

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