My childhood (part 2)

Okeh start with the points πŸ˜€1. TV
We had 2 TVs (i remember one of it is Grundig) that still be used till now ^^ .. My mom really good at taking care of thingsOne TV was placed in the 1st -> for the guests. And the another in our room..First channel, (of course) TVRI… still remember the tiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt sound when the show was over… with those colorful stripes ^^I liked to see
– Little Missy (hoho seems like most of us see it),
– Oshin (though i can’t remember it in detail… )
– Unyil, cerdas cermat…

and one that i liked the most (in my junior high school) …… Friday the 13th xixixixi… Every Thursday around 11pm.. (still remember the mercedes and some weirdo things in that movie).
I used to watch it with my bro..

The first non-TVRI channel in Bali is RCTI

What i liked in RCTI was
-“Layar Emas” every Wednesday 8pm hehee… also
– McGyver in the evening… (still amazed how could he so handy and creative like that)
– Every saturday around 9pm, my mom used to see…Kwai Cheng Caine… (wish i type it right hehe), since she used to watch it, I started to like it too πŸ˜€ ..especially the kungfu one ^^

Also new asian movie like Return Of Condor heroes was my fav ^^

One additional favorite show was “Asia Bagus” every Saturday…

Something interesting with this show… Just like Jeng Sus….

I was on the show hihihiihihi…. πŸ˜›

Oits… but not as a participant, nor as cleaner laaa… and absolutely not as a judge… hihhi… dream on :p

So, how could it be???

Once upon a time, they (AsiaBagus) searched for a watcher on their shoot in Bali… and lots of friend from my high-school went there,
the meal was yummmyy… they gave it for free * sllluuuuurrppp *

There, we were signed when should we gave the applause, and bla bla bla….
Until there’s a moment, they picked up 2 audiences to be interviewed….

Jreng jreng,

i was one of it.. with lil bit nervous i asked as far as i can say laaa πŸ˜› ( they asked it in english…:-SS) speechless de… just smile smile dee…

After that show.. when the time it was showed on TV, i didn’t watch it hehehe…

I knew it from my friends, “hey you’re on AB yesterday”

Halahhh…. i missed it… * wondering to see me hihhiih – narciiiissstttt *

As time goes by… the other TV station started to come… SCTV, Indosiar etc..

One show that i won’t miss was : Xena (which became my sobriquet on junior high^^) …every Sunday noon ^^

When i was on the high school i really like to see Popular (in Indosiar) every Saturday evening and Charmed every Thursday nite

2. Milk
I love milk (till now :D)But i don’t like a salty milk hihihi… I remember dad put a salt instead of sugar….. yaiksss….. it’s really….errrr……not yummmy laaa… can’t describe it…
If you curious bout it, then try this at home πŸ˜€ Well i think that’s one of the reason i have an big international body size like now hihihihi (using a milk as a scapegoatttt :p) Mom used to give me Dancow.. See….this milk is really good for growth πŸ˜€

I ever dreamed for Sustagen, cos they (sustagen) promoted to my elementary school, and it was sooooo yummmyyy…

But i knew, that’s quite expensive for us… so better be unspoken la :p

Since i like the milky milky thing… (till now) i also like baby biscuit… Farleys is my fave ^^

Milk+sugar (without water) could be great too ^^ *sluurp*

3. Bicycle
Hmmm…actually i don’t remember it clearly, when did i start to have it.
But i saw a picture of me n mom in front of our Depot.Something i remember, i ever had bicycle – a boy bicycle – and using that bike seems cool for me hahaha… – soo tomboy huh πŸ˜€ – And there was a time when i played with bicycle, i got slipped n i fell down on the gravel area = =’ * ooouchhh * that was hurt…But something good came after it… i can skip a Balinese dance class for a week hahaha….

* imagine i was doing balinese dancing?@??!??! better not la :p that’s a nightmare*

Since i can’t remember about the bicycle well, so i prefer to tell bout my motorbike then πŸ˜€

I started to drive it when i was on the 6th grade hehehe… (one of the benefit having a long foot :D)

Dad taught me.. πŸ˜€ * thnx dad *

But i officially drove it when i was on junior high πŸ˜€ * i had a fake bday date to have the license ^^*

My first serious accident was on my 3rd grade when i was in junior high…

That day i went to my best friend house cos we’re going to watch HomeAlone @ cinema, suddenly it was raining….since it’s quite close with her house, i kept going..

Until suddenly there was another motorbikers, cut off my way…and….

*Ciiiittttttttt…. braaaakkkk*

He ran away… * gerrrrrrr *

I was dragged along 😦 from the left side to the right side of the road… ( thnk God the road wasn’t crowded that day…. )

There was a man help me to get up… at first.. i couldn’t stand… lil bit shocked i guess…

Looked up my motor…errr…the damage quite serious…

and me???

Huhuhu.. my lovely jeans was tore a bit… 😦 but no blood so far…

Since it’s quite close to her house, i drove so slow to her… asked for a handyplast, just to cover up my wound… and… continued with watching homeAlone hehehe… at the cinema..

After back to her house, i failed to stand up with my motor… after several trial, then succeed yeah, i drove so slowwww…around 40km/h hihiih…

When i arrived at home, i just report, i got an accident…when dad saw the motorbike he got shocked hihihihi…


I cried when mom cured my wound… huhuhu…that’s hurt….
that wound left a print in my knee till now hihihi…

[end of the story of accident πŸ˜€ ]
I started to like “sport motorbike” when i was on high school…

One of my friend taught me to drive it…* thx Jar :D… but because of it, i fell in love with man-motorbike, especially RGR *

When he came to Depot to do the homework (not for eat hihiihi) i asked him to teach me how to drive his motorbike ^^

And i like itttt…. huhuhhuhu….

Until there was a time i drove it in real road, when we had sport class (we had to go from our school to the sport’s field) hohohoo…dunno whether he had heart-attack or not when i drove it πŸ˜€

But i do fell in love with that motorbike.. wish i could have one :D….

It was so stable, instead of “bebek” hehehe

* ta..remember remember… you’re a gal…..* xixixi no need to remind me :p

One of the way out to have it was…persuaded my bro…. may be he will like it ;;) .. So i promoted it to my bro…

But..what can i say 😦 he didn’t 😦 hixx…. say bye bye to that kinda motorbike

* may be bcoz his first try was Tiger… it’s not as good as RGR laaaa xixixixi… still hoping i have it someday 8->*

4. School’s bag
Most of my school’s bags were backpack πŸ˜€ … can’t remember it well…But when i was on the 5th grade (in my elementary) i ever had “president” bag… hohoho..finally…a small suitcase, where i can put my book better…But it wasn’t strong enough to hold all of the book..Well …we learned everything on our elementary, rite? …so many things (from a simple things, till remind all the minister names… ) … so.. i brought lot of books too ^^
5. Magazine
I used to read Fantasy ^^ also Donald and sometime Bobo :DHmmmm this one that’s kinda errr… kindaa.. nice laa…Cos i lived in Depot, so there were lot of people who sold newspapers, magazines, tabloids…
Sometimes, they entrusted their stuffs to us πŸ˜€ sooooooo…I can read it for free hahaha… soooo i didn’t have to buy it :p
So no book collection 😦 cos i used to read it for free hahaha… :p

Besides the magazine and tabloids, i liked comics too

My favourite are : (unfortunately)
1. Kungfu Boy… Nice one πŸ™‚
2. (still with chinmi) Breakshot… hohoho..double head snake, masse, jumpball, nine ball…lot of the billiard’s things, i learned from this comic πŸ˜€

Till there was a time i played a real billiard with my dad… Dad kinda surprise…how could i hold that stick and hit the ball ^^..

Hohoho..what a tomboy i am was ^^

6. Meals
Hmmm i remembered i love chiki cheese and choco balls ^^ Rp 250 each.. hehehe… in the canteen back of my elementary school :DOw i also like “kacang pedes” 100 each hehehe… and…“Krip Krip” -> 100 for 3 hohoho… anybody know where can i get this now ???high school..

i love the meatballs in the canteen… kinda miss that meatballs...

Also the noodle near the library… which is kinda * yaiks * if you see the place.. and the process, but the taste was yummy ^^.. that’s the hidden recipe i guess hehehe…

7. Money
Errr… i can’t remember clearly, how much did i get… i think around 1000 per day while i was junior high…i can’t remember on my elementary = =’high school..…hmmm i started to sell a choco on my third grade… the best hit was on the valentine ^^… some orders for valentine choco…

all of my fam were involved to help me.. made the box for the choco…. all the refrigerator filled with choco ^^…

melt it, put it in the template, refrigerate it… and * tadaa*

For daily choco, i just brough a colorful choco πŸ˜€ with funny shapes like frog, fish, shell πŸ˜€

* Anybody wanna buy a choco ;;) ?? *

From this selling finally i could buy my own shoes ^^

8. Idol
Hmmm…. in my teenage, the popular tv shows was : “Return of the condor heroes” and i liked Andy lau so much xixixix…Started to make a clipping of him (where’s that book now huh?? dunno la :p) …started to buy his cassette hohoho… nice voice anyway…
Till now he’s still gorgeous huh πŸ˜› but i’m not idoling him anymore…
9. Mall
The first mall in denpasar was appeared when i was high school i guess…Sooo.. the nearest entertainment place from depot was the plaza :D…I used to go there, for buying some ingredients or stuffs that needed in depot (this is the angel side)
and playing of course xixixixi…
I used to play “dingdong” there :D… (this is the tata side ^^)Exchange the money with the coins..
Insert the coins and play ^^

Or.. i played with the escalator.. ^^ .. ran in the opposing direction :D…

I think most of the employee there knew this naughty lively lil gal ^^

Fyuuhh….finally i finished the points πŸ˜€

To pay for my late in this homework xixixi… i add some points in the next post ^^


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