My childhood (part 3)

Hmm i’d like to add some points bout my childhood….
1. Punishment
Hohoho.. i think most of us experience being punished on our childhood (or is it just me???)As an naughty energetic gal in the family… the most unforgettable punishment that i got is being tied up (with a chain of course) hihihi…How could that happen???

Hmmm….as far as i can remember…. errr… i think that’s because i was tooooo energetic ^^, as i wrote before, i used to go to Plasa… playing hehehe…

Until there was a time, i went there without say anything…abandoned my task to stay in the depot… i went there..playing dingdong

Until suddenly my dad appeared in that place…
* ooopss… dead me – -‘ *

Soooo… to keep me at home… mom tied me up in the stair with a chain… huhuhuhuhu…

*i cried*
Asking for someone to release me… but no body huuhuhu..
( even the servants in the depot, just passed me by when they passed the stair huhuhuhu…what a poor me )

the second one is…being locked up in a dark bathroom with my bro
huhuhuhuhu…it’s because we used to fight…. and to noisy i guess πŸ˜€

Till my dad fed up with us…. locked us in that tiny dark bathroom 😦

2. Entertainment
Hmmm lots of things i could use as an entertainment in bali :DAnnual event is called “Pengrupukan” this is one day before “nyepi” – a balinese new yearIn this day, after the sunset, “ogoh-ogoh” will be lifted up with some people, and will be lifted around the town…

this “ogoh-ogoh” symbolized a bad things
after being lifted up around the town, they will be burnt…

The great moment was when watch for that thing, in the middle of the crowd, saw lots of “ogoh-ogoh” passed in front of us.. sometimes there were lots of wonderful “ogoh-ogoh” they made.

Here’s one of the example of the common ogoh2 :


Hohoho… imagine, those kinda thing filled the town… with traditional music (gamelan) they lifted up…

Another entertainment for us is snorkling

Unite with the sea, to see those fishes swim around us… hohoo that’s great πŸ˜€

besides that, there are loooooottts of extreme games that i liked πŸ˜€

And the one who introduce it all was…. (of course) my mom hohohoho… great to have adventurer mommy xixixi..

the first game we tried, which i like the most among all, was Bungee ^^…

Hohoho..hey my mom did it on her forties… anybody wanna join? ^^

At first quite scare, but cos the first jump was at XXX that has around 40m height…AND to achieve that height we have to take the stairs…

It’s kinda pity if i should go down with those stairs…

So be it…. ^^

After the first one… hohhhohoho…greatttt….

when i heard there was a bungee event, only Rp20.000 for couple of times jumping… hohhooho…couldn’t skip it…


Felt like sleeping in the sky ^^

But now, it’s so expensive 😦 hix…can’t afford it… unless, there’s someone who want to pay it for me hihi..anybody wanna jump ? ;;)

It’s really perfect for those who want to take a refreshing from the hectic condition πŸ˜€

Fyuuuhhh..finally end of the story of my childhood…huhuhu..suddenly i miss my hometown so much huhuhu… 😦 I miss my childhood…. 😐* can’t wait till Jan… πŸ˜€ *

At last….. i tag zet zet N santy ^^ hohohoho… .gotcha…
(updated : Plus Om Arip ^^)


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