Holiday Checklist

Hoaaahmmm…. still sleepy in here… (:|

Okay..time to checklist the holiday plan 😀

1. TOEIC ?
errr… i just learned it a little 😦 fyuh..2 days left to exercise with it :D…

2. Snorkeling ??
Hohoho perfect… and here i am… “Well done” much darker more red than before xixixi…

3. Updating Korean Lesson?
Undone 😦

4. Clean up the room??
Perfectly undone hahahaha….

The trip to “Pulo” was great 😀  (especially “Pulau Aer”)
I love the sea, the clouds, the beach, the scene, the underwater things (except JELLY FISH – i hate you = =’ ), the sunshine, the stars, the fellowship with friends..

I also learned…how i love my small room (especially my bed) ^^. How precious the clean  water is :D..
n how lovely to be here again 😀

It was great ^^..thnx friends for count me in 😀


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