In the middle of holiday, i suddenly have a thought splashed on my mind…

A lesson from a sunshine…

no matter how cloudy the morning
the sun keep shines
to all of us

no matter if someone mock it
cos of the heat
the sun keep shines
give the warmth for those who need it

no matter if someone want it so bad
in the darkness of the night
the sun keep gave a chance to
the stars and the moon up there
wait for it’s turn to shine patiently
give the peace of the night for those who want it

In life….

no matter how big the problem
that wait in front of us
never ever run away
face it bravely

keep give the love we have to others
though someone might insult it

don’t take other’s limelight
for everybody has their own time to shine.

– Oct 13th 07 –


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