Study study study!!!

Fyuh..finally I’ve registered for the test…
Next Monday… 14.00 :-SS

Scary…but i need that…Sooo..gotta face it… 😀
Here’s the plan, on monday i’ll ask for permission after lunch…and find the test place… huff huff….

After long thought between T**FL and *E*TS… finally the option TOE*C came… sooo relief …

The test result will be 30minutes after the test…
Hohoh so fast.. (compared with those two)
and the fee?? Much cheaper…


Still not ready 😦
Gotta study hard these 2 days… no watching movies, just study…. 화이팅 티티!!!!

Though there’ll be audit in the next day… but…still have to take it soon….
I just do my best… Hip hip..hurayyyy… do anything to encourage my self ^^
Coffee….come to mama hehehehe…

아자 아자 화이팅!!!!!!!

What if i fail ??? (always leave a space in my heart for the worst)
Hmmm there’s still lot of time to study and re-take it again…
Don’t give up tata!!!
Failure is just a step stone to be better..



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