T * T

This evening…

Me : “Can i pay with CC??”
Shopkeeper : “Yes”

Okay first step is safe…

Me : “I’d like to send 2 documents to Jpn n Seoul. How much will it be?” (i see promo 20% discount)
Shopkeeper : “hmm there’s a person sent to Jpn just now…around 50-60…but let me check it first”

Hmmm great…the same price like ci wil n ww told me before, less than 100….

tak tik tuk tak tik tuk

the shopkeeper plays with his calculator…

Shopkeeper : “Okay here’s the price…”

567xxx,xx… for 2 papers to Jpn

He??? FIVE HUNDREDS?!?!?… am i see the wrong number… or my eyes soo blurry so i can’t count the digits…

Me : “Five hundred thousands???”
Shopkeeper : “Yes..around that”
Me : “how bout the one that you said 50-60…????”
Shopkeeper : “Yes, i said 550-560…..”
Me : “N What does the promo means???”
Shopkeeper : “Ow ya..the costs will be discounted 20%, then add 1% for tax, 13.5% for surcharge”

Halah..the same lah….

Crazy price…just to send 2 pieces of paper to Jpn using T*T costs FIVE HUNDRED THOUSANDS and MORE???

Me : “Is there any alternative? P*P or anything??”
Shopkeeper : “Yup, we offer P*P too, it will be….”

tak tik tuk tik tak…

Rp 275.000,00 for 2 papers to Jpn

Halah..still expensive……

Sms ww…report it..whether she wants it to be sent or not…

Ww : “I’ll ask my bro to send it 🙂 …He’ll take it from you”

2pieces of paper…costs 275 or 560…Crazy?!?!?!

That’s the Jpn delivery….How bout the Seoul??

Shopkeeper : “Using T*T will be 400 something….”
Me : “crazy….. how bout P*P??
Shopkeeper : “it will cost 275, the same with Jpn”

While i’m thinking…the shopkeeper has changed…

Shopkeeper : “I’m going home..it’s almost rain”
Me : “Syuh syuh syuh… you offer me crazy price… syuh syuh”

Me : “okay, i’ll send it using T*T…how much will it be??”
New Shopkeeper : “I’ll count it…”

tak tik tuk tak tik tuk…
She plays the calculator…

New Shopkeeper : “199 something using T*T”

He??? Differ with previous calculation, much cheaper hihii… i send couple of papers, at least not 2 pieces… quite lot la…
Hmmm seems worthed….

Me : “Okay, i’ll take it :D”
Before the price is change again ixixix
Me : “can i get the detail of the price??”
New Shopkeeper : “yup…$xx * 9400 + 13.5% + 1% – 20%”

* noted *

See..now i get why it could be differ from the previous one… Oh…new shopkeeper…you’re sooo kind… you save my 200 something… 😀

The shopkeeper checks on my documents….

New shopkeeper : “Is there any clip in it??”
Me : Yes….
New shopkeeper : “It must be opened again, cos it will be charged as package if there any clip or stapler.”

Weleee…and while i’m fixing it….she sees a cute picture of me….

New shopkeeper : “Ah..what a cute youuuu… You can’t send a photos like this, or it will be posted to movie company as a package…All photo must be sticked in the paper”
Me : “weleee…okay then…do it laaa…anything to make it sent!”

First experience with T*T and the bad shopkeeper-> got shocked with the crazy price…
No clip on your document, no un-stuck photo to paper

Finally..the documents are sent….let see 2 – 3 days again and soooo many days for the application xixixi…

Keep wish for the best….화이팅!!!!!!!


11 thoughts on “T * T

  1. Hihihi..semogaaaaa hahaha…
    ga brani kerja ci…ntar bla bli blu bahasa mangki ^^ skul dulu aja 😀
    abis skul lanjut kerja…
    abis kerja lanjut married…
    abis married lanjut living in 4 seasons…
    Aaahhhh how lovely the life is..

    * Plak *
    Hoahemmm…. saatnya bangun tidur 😀

  2. nah loh.. foto kok dikirim ke movie company toh Ta, mana ada yang mo terima.. movie company ya terimanya movie, bukan foto kaleee.. hahahah..

    production house kalee ye maksudne biar ditawarin maen pelem korea.. gantiin song hye kyo ya 😀 hehehe..

  3. @ C ceemot..
    Hehehe iya yak…. maksudnya gini ci, dengan meliat poto itu, movie company langsung kepikiran bikin pilem..lalu menghubungi PH untuk contact saya
    (ngelesss :p)

    @ Ci wil
    Na itu dia ci wil..pengennya si begituuu….tapi ga tau EMS terdekat di mana…tadi EMS di Multi lagi ga bisa, kompinya rusak katana….
    Kalo yang pos keliling di b*n*s, belon tanya xixixi.. (udah meragukan duluan… )

  4. @ nung
    Waaa sadiz nung…ga nung… ga brani gua mah s3..masi imoet gini, ntar ada prof yang naksir kan susa nung 😀

    @ lit
    Karena itu pake EMS lit, dari pos indo, tapi ga nemu sekitar sini yang provide EMS 😦

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