End of series

[vague mode on]

Huff…after 4 successive days… i got nightmares 😦

and those nightmares related to the cataclysm…
From a gale (that open up the series) followed with hard rain…all the mess around me..

Next day,
came up a flood-tide when i sat on the beach… got sunk 😦

Next day,
Escaping from a huge flood-tide warning… and the flood-tide already seen, ready to strike…

Last day,
Closed with tsunami :(… i saw a very very big tidal wave… hit parts of building where i stay (in a dream i was in the hotel nearby the beach)

Hohohoh it’s ended… and i hope no more continuation for it…

Hope everything will be okay…
may be something in my unconscious mind worried for something i don’t even know…
Hope no more unrealistic worries… and it’s supposed to be not ^^

* syuh syuh worries ^^*
* Thank g, i’m not the one who can see a premonition ^^ *

[vague mode off]


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