What would you do ?

Long time not talk with my best friend, (also long time not post her stories…sorry pal πŸ™‚ )

Couple of weeks ago, we talked a lot and she asked me a question….

What would you do, if you see the one that you care a lot, and you love, do a bad thing (that one knows that you don’t like that thing) right in front of you..
And that one didn’t even give any explanation for it…
I just saw a quick sad look in my friend’s eyes…
Example :
You don’t like smoke, nor to see other smoke. Your best friend knows it well. At first, he/she doesn’t smoke…
But people change
You see you best friend that you care, smokes in front of you, and keep smoking when you see him/her.
What would you do?

She offered me 3 solutions :
1. Keep talking like nothing happen.
Pretend that you never see it.
2. Remind him/her and asked why did he/she do that?
3. Loose your trust on him/her.

She always asked me a deep question like that = =’…

I gave my opinion to her…

There must be something happen behind it, something that make people change….
And that’s the thing we can’t control… cos that things had happened in their past till make them change (now – in present)

I might choose number 2, but if that person doesn’t want to take it, I’ll leave it.. Not try to push my point of view to others…
I might wish that person from afar to be okay, to get realized…

And i might not push that person to answer what’s the reason behind it.. for everybody has their own private life..
Just try to appreciate others, if that person want to share it. I’d be honored..
But if don’t, that would be his/her right to do it.

We can’t change people rite??

I just don’t know whether i answered itΒ  correctly or not, actually that’s what i thought that time…

Will there be any other options??

Huff, dunno, i just wish for her happiness…^^ i wish i could help her anytime she need it.

Good luck Gal πŸ˜‰

(the background of this question will be posted in different post ^^)

PS : of course she knew that i post it, and she doesn’t mind.. in other way, it might help her to get more thoughts from others πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “What would you do ?

  1. Yup, as for me, I woulld take 2nd option.
    Why? Because she/he is the one that you care.
    If we choose either 1st or 3rd option, it shows that you have no faith with her/him. It’s not what friends are for..

    Friends are to be with you, enjoying joys together, won’t mind give you hands if you need it and reminding if you’re already in the wrong path.

  2. if it happened in the opposite, im the one who make a mistake… i would like to ask my best friend to keep warning me.

    bcos im also only human, i can make it but never realize it.

    i need someone to open my eyes n to make me know that: 1. im wrong, 2. though im wrong, i still have support from people who realy care to fix it.

    so i would do the same thing if it happened to my best friend. but to someone im not realy close to, i will just pretend like it never happened. bcos not everybody’s business is mine πŸ™‚

  3. ask him if the worst thing that might happens as the consequences of doing the bad thing, what would he do ? ask him to think about it.

    if he could handle the worst thing happened, than let him do it, he knows the risk.

    otherwise, tell him to stop.

    ignore the reasons behind it. bad things are bad, no reasons could make it good.

    the question above is not only to tell him/her that what he/she does is bad, and you don’t like him/her doing it, neither in front of you or behind you, but it’s also because that you don’t want him/her to experience the worst thing as the consequences of the bad thing he/she does.

    that’s why I asked you “gimana klo orang yang kamu kagetin, tiba2 jantungan and something bad happens to him/her ? can you handle that ?”

    that’s not just because I don’t want you to do that to me, but I also don’t want you to have any experiences like that with others, it might happen eventhough it might be one in a million, but you never know.

    still I do some bad things.. wish someone would always remind me about the worst consequences about it.

  4. @ All..
    Thank you for the thoughts…
    We will never know what waits us in the future…

    My friend must be very happy with these thoughts…cos sometime others who don’t involve in the problem might think clearly… and better than person which in the middle of the problem…

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