Tough Week

Last week the work load was sooo quite crazy.. so many things that had to be done…
But…still…lack of time…

This week… it will be tougher than last week…


Cos this week is the deadline for (almost) all the work things…
(plusssss) my boss has to go for couple of days…..
While some people glad if their boss is away,
But it’s not for meee…. (at least not for this week laa….= =’)

Except if there’s no deadline xixixix…

In spite of just sighing…
I’ll try my best…. ^^

걱정 마세요
(aishhh…those korean course posts still not up to date…
– another assignment for this week, at least before exam!!!! -)

Hey tough week, here i come ^^….
Let see who’s gonna win it 😀
(coffee coffee…i need your back up on me xixxi…aarrrghhhh….start to addict???)
(target : at least not more than 2 glasses per day okay?? – just for these 2 weeks… ^^)



8 thoughts on “Tough Week

  1. Tata, I recently access your korean learning pages..
    Inspired to learn korean as well.. hehe..
    I got the small snack from Korea, i’ll take the photo and ask you to read it, okay? hehe

    Good luck for the deadlines.. you can do it..
    You’ll feel much more relieve and double your happiness when all is done.. I send my chi here to you there.. have a nice day.

  2. @ lius..
    Hahaha iya yus…. baru ngeh juga gua… (da apdet :D)

    @ ci wil..
    wokeh wokeh..apalagi kalo dikirimin =)).. *kiding*
    dengan senang hati daku baca² n search2 arti…kalo stuck tanya guru les hahaha..

    Makaci ci wil……
    Makin semangat mo apdet lesson na lagi 🙂 *pr ntar malem*

    @ jeng sus
    Yeah…..*pom pom* nari nari nyemangatin diri sendiri n jeng ncus :D….
    Mari kita hadapin 😀

    @ om 23 n zet
    Hahaha… *kebuka d kartunaa :)) *
    Kalo sy ketauan ama om sering begadang, berarti om juga nakal, sering begadang hahaha [-x
    Ga loooo…masi dalam tarap normal looo….max 2 gelas kopi looo.. (taunya venti nya bucks haha… Tobat deh eke… )

  3. Hahaha iya betulll….pertama kali liat ke pucca…serasa dejavu…
    trus liat liat lagi, eh ini blogspot, bukan wp…
    Masi setengah ga pecaya, masa si…kok mirip…kudunya wp..
    Diperatiin terus…akhirnya terima d itu blogsp hehhe…

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