Education and Training, is it??

Huff..i take a tickle test about Career Interest Inventory , while i’m waiting for my friend to come… (which unfortunately informs that she’s not coming here…)

Since long time ago…i do really like take a quiz there (especially the phd one), so many quizzes related with personality, logic (like IQ) and job there :D…

Especially for the quiz that give a free full report hehe…so i can get the full analysis for my answer :D…

And the result for this test is :

Education and Training

Err…is it true? or it’s just a coincidence? cos i’m working in education company… huff…

It’s written in the report :

A job is not just a job. It serves other needs that are important not to ignore.

And my top 4 scores are in :Education and Training, Counseling and Guidance, Merchandising and Engineering.

With 4 example occupations given from top 4 career areas :
– Training Supervisor (still related with teaching, education and so on…hmmm…..)
– Marriage Counselor (hohohoohoo… *wondering*)
– Real Estate Agent (i don’t think i like this one…)
– Computer Programmer (halah..not far away from my background then)

And the lowest score is in :
Investigation & Testing.. ( example : Forensic Lab Technician or Private Investigator)….


Don’t put me as a investigator…. I’m a kind of perso that easily trust what others say…
Huff…plus feel so awkward if i have to investigate somebody…

Well…at least i know my weak point…
But is that really the job that fit me in???
Still looking for my future….

* Headache!!! Go away!!!! *
– Time to go home and sleep.. –


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