Who’s controlling me?

Huff..it’s so hard to resist not to post in here.
Hmm so… am i blog addict?? ^^
(anyway,it’s not working time anymore….so time to refreshing a bit :D)

Anyway..in this tough week..my calendar (read:organizer) start to full again…
Both, in lotus (office) and in ADC (private) plus the manual one… halah…so many places = =’

The meeting invitations started to come… from out of nowhere
Suddenly so many things that have to be attended..plusss
many things that have to be done….and sent huff..
Breath breath breath… 1 .. 2 .. 3….
Slurrrppp * coffe * xixixi

So every single thing i noted it, in my to-do list..even a conversation in a phone…
Because in this hectic condition, i’m so absent-minded…

and the result is…

My calender is soo full…
For Example :
Yesterday :
10-12 Meeting for xxx
13-17 teach teach…
17-?? rehearsal for xxx
Soooo when did i do my assignments 😦 …
(but yesterday was great…free coffee day in this week :D)

I start to pushed my self to fill up the organizer
And now the result it…
That organizer is controlling me… = =’

* bip bip * time to xx
* bip bip * time to yy…

So…i begin to be controlled by my organizer, which ironically, is filled under my control…
@_@…. crazy in here @_@

Me time, me time…. i miss you so much = =’


3 thoughts on “Who’s controlling me?

  1. huhu.. pantesen yak, jarang nyapa2 lagi di gtalk 😀
    gd luck taaaaa… tenang.. segalanya akan cepet berlalu 😛 tp dipikir2, sibuk2 begini lebih mendingan yaa, klo lagi sendirian bengong2, bisa melow2 sendiri… haha..

  2. @ ci wil..
    Waaa ci wil.. justru sedang berusaha mengorganize diri sendiri neh… susanya minta ampun yak..godaannya itu lo = =’

    @ elit…
    Hahaha… iya aja de ;;)
    * tersenyum simpul penuh arti hahhaa *

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