* spoilt mode on *

Hmm today is a good day, the sun still shinning brightly, the clouds is great this morning..

But for me, it’s not a great day = =’

Hix….arrived at campus… welcomed with hot room… Hix.. from yesterday the AC was wrong…. no matter how many time it’s repaired… it’s always like this… haiya… it’s been here since (errr… i think) 98… it’s time la 😦

Then some emails confirmed for the tasks i sent yesterday.. Fyuuh… it made me smile…

But… suddenly some problems came out of nowhere…

so many things had to be synchronized from some units…

The core problem was simple there’s a change in exam schedule…
the effects 😦 be it laa.. .dun wanna talk bout it again 😀

plus…suddenly the internet was down…in a moment i needed it…Grrr grrr 😦

Damaged Disrepair AC…..Hot
No inet…even for internal email = =’
Unresolved problems
Still unfinished job…

made me loose my will to work for a while….
Seems like i became a spoilt gal…who can’t work without AC n inet huh..??

* spoilt mode off *

now.. 18.30…
it’s better, the ac already works.. .it’s much colder than before…
Inet works…’s my time to work then…
(Today…. my work time started at 18 = =’)
But want to eat first…eat a loooottttt n delicious meals *sluurp*….hahahah.. bye bye diet for this week…

* greedy mode on*
end of this week it will be turned off ^^ *remind me ^^*

Gotta finish bunch of works… ^^



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