It will be great

Sunday,  Nov 11th

one week has passed… some tasks already done, but some still wait to be done ^^
But at least i made progress 😀

Last Saturday,
Beside the gathering (hello c des..hehehe first time to meet her ^^..)
i also had rehearsal as usual (before the gathering) rainy for that saturday..

In the rehearsal, just right when we were going to have a break, Mr.Tong came…

He told some development in the church construction…plusss…
a planing about what will be our concert…

We’re planned to have a concert on Dec 22nd….
For the first time… in using the new place…

and it will be great… awesome…wonderfull… (out of words to describe it ^^)

We’re going to sing Elijah Oratorio (full part hoho) from Felix Mendelssohn
The full story of Elijah will be sung,
Part 1 :
– started with the shout from the people because of the drought…
– part that full of confrontation between Elijah and the worshippers of Baal
– and closed with the thankfulnes because the rushing water…
Part 2 :
– filled with Elijah‘s confrontation with Ahab and Jezebel..
– his period in the wilderness, his journey
– and ascension to heaven..

Musically, this oratorio is so dramatic… (IMHO)
Not only the choir part, but also the solo part,
Plus wonderful accompaniment from the music instrument,
(e.g in rushing water part… the music will be heard like a rushing water… )

Hmm… i ever sang it once… (but not full) when i was in another choir…
We sang in Balai Sarbini… on Oct 2004…
For me this oratorio is really special..
Cos it’s my first oratorio…my first time to sing something like that…
Also my first time to sing in a full orchestra plus the soloists
At first i was afraid….OMG ..How can i read those “toge” also the running note that line up so prim
… but.. i just pushed my self to learn it…
It’s so interesting…

(can’t imagine i started to like something like this :D..)

(for me)
Something unique in Elijah…
There are parts (3 songs) that we act as a people who worship the baal, ironically.. i like that song xixixi,
Cos the melody, the beat so easily to be learned…(compared with other songs that sooo difficult)
In those songs, we’ll sing as people who fight elijah… calling our baal so loud…

Ok, back to topic…
Not only the new place, the perfect time (as the first choir to sing there)
But also the conductor, soloists…. They will be very great…

If there’s no change from the first plan..
The conductor will be Mr. Jahja Ling, and the soloists…
– alto, as fav one ^^ Mrs.Anna Koor (the best mezo-soprano i ever heard..her voice is soo unique..)
– bass will be imported from KL
– tenor, will be imported from Japan
– sopran, will be imported from NY
The orchestra…
It will be played with full orchestra, all the strings, the trumpets will come out…
May be around 50 people in the orchestra…

Hohoho…that’s gonna be great…

To hear that info from him…in one side, made me stun… It’s gonna be the best concert ever..
but in the other side…
Remind me to keep practising… to keep attending the rehearsal as often as i could..
And keep giving the best….
we’re not going to sing for the new place
we’re not going to sing well just because of the great soloists and conductor..
Those thing might change….beyond our prediction…
But (just like Mr. Tong always emphasize)
We’re singing for Him..

The rehearsal will be tiring, but for me it’s gonna be a feisty one
Still many songs that have to be practised, for me, it’s a chance to learn more…
This is not an easy one but.. it’s not an impossible too 😀

It makes me can’t wait for the C-Day (concert day ^^) hoho.. so exciting

(though in other parts i wish C-Day won’t be too fast, cos still so many work things that have to be done ^^)



4 thoughts on “It will be great

  1. ohhh.. kirain tata soloist nya 😀 hehehe..
    eh, gimana klo di employee choir kita pake soloist, and tata yang jadi soloist nya ;;)

    *all member employee choir said : setujuuuuuuuuuuu*

    *ceemot : kabur dulu…*

  2. Sopraaannn….
    * kejar ampe ke ujung dunia…..*

    Awas yak latian rabu i titip psn ama pelatih untuk ngetes satu2, mulai dari c ceemot, lalu selesai huahuauhaa

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