Me, My Self and Octopus

* blub blub blub *

Hohoh that was what i felt yesterday….
got sank… deeper and deeper….
The octopus started to loss its power

If octopus were live longer than its age now.
They might controlled the sea…
(thnk G they can’t live in land hihihi)

I ever heard that news before… and that’s what the research said…(CMIIW)

Why ??

Because they are very clever..
They have a great power of multitasking…


controlling 8 hands in one head.
* imagining * ….

two hands to type
one hand to mark the exam
one hand to help me eat
one hand to sign the papers

still left 3 hands then….

* crazy mode on *

In the morning… i promised my self…
I won’t lunch till i sent the big task (not the marking)…
So i punish my self – -‘
If you want to have a lunch, then send it quickly and CORRECTLY!!


Hmmm that big task already passed the deadline for 3 days = =’
Soo i really really have to finish it by today…
Really don’t want to lengthen it anymore…

Well, at least that’s my way to push and promise my self..

Silly huh…
But if i didn’t push my self like that, i think i won’t be able to finish it..


Soo after the breakfast, i continued the task… and wait for my colleague to collect for one missed file.. = =’
Thank G, you finish it quickly ^^… so i could have my late lunch :D…
And that’s made me really enjoying my lunch very much…since i was starving ^^

Lesson learned :
NO MORE DEADLINE…wokeh??!?!?!

no matter how busy you are, gotta to finish it laaa….
or there’ll be another punishment for me..

* being threated by me self = =’ …here come the me, my self and me ^^*

Fyuh…after lunch,
I continued to sink evaluate my student’s exam again…
and finally… i finished it yeah ^^
(though the result was disappointment…. but that’s it 😦 Gotta find another way to learn with them… = =’ )

Fyuh….So happy finally
2 big tasks had finished….
One on deadline task had finished tooo…
Though so many tasks still wait patiently ^ ^
Come come my tasks….come to mama…..

And the octopus had swim again… not sank anymore… ^^
Time to swim n swim 😀
Octopus mode on…

Update status from last week
* Greedy mode off *

* crazy mode off *


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