Yippi… Today is the last day hihii…

Tomorrow, my boss will be back to work ^^

Fyuhh… finally after 2 weeks being left (which unfortunately left with jobs) fyuh..the tough days will over…

Well, yeah.. i know the further days won’t be easy too, still tons of things wait ahead…
But at least… I don’t take  the burden as heavy as while my boss away..

Well…Lot of things i learned in this 2 weeks…

Feel like a BigMac (nyummy ^^)  or kinda sandwich hihihi..
So many things have to be solved from my staffs, while so many things also have to be done from above….

Err..it’s enough to experience it for 2 weeks, attended those kinda meetings, thought about this and that…

O ya.. today, i’m so relieve too
Cos.. one big problem that still unresolved since couple of days ago..finally solved..
* Fyuh*
Finally i can sleep tight tonite….
Thank you so much for my colleagues that succeed to solve it very well…

Happy happy ^^

Time to checklist now (the happiest part after the babbling ^^)
– Work things worries from this post -> done… (just left for the concert and the exam ^^)
–  Tough weeks… -> I beat you (well yeah i know you’ll come come couple of weeks again, but at least i win for now hihi)
Disrepair AC -> bye bye….sayonara…안녕이 ^^.. the new AC was installed last Sunday hihihi

That’s what i like from keep being noted everything (include my worries)…
i could see my worries back.. and realize how those worries, those hard times are completing my life ^^
Without them, life won’t be complete…
Just like,
I wouldn’t feel so relieve without those times..

Thank God for the hard times..
Don’t get bored to give me more..  ^^
Cos i would never know what’s wait me ahead…
But i know who’s with me, and hold me.

For if i’ve never had the problems, then i would never know that God could solved
(Andrae Crouch)

Time to go back… and sleep ^^


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