bout us?

Finally i finish to migrate my quote blog hihi…
Err sorry for blogring..i didn’t mean to full it… – -‘ (feeling guilty)
I just add it to blogring after i migrate it (so hope it won’t be recorded… But dunno..why it keeps being recorded.. so sorry = =’)

Okeh.. to the main topic

Today finally my boss comes.. And i ask about the competition… it was “World Skills Shizuoka 2007” … so how’s the result???

In Web Design the winner is… Korea hihihi.. Yey.. 축하 해요^^
And when i asked about the other divisions (there were around 40-s divisions that competed) , mostly the winner is Korea or Japan..
Asia takes its part in this competition…

He told us how’s the competition environment there..  And how’s the preparation from other countries…Also how’s their government supported them..

Let say, Korea, the one that win the most…
For them, who win, their government gave them free from “wajib militer” (err..what is it in english? suddenly out of my mind hihi) plus one house…
No wonder how their participants struggle for it ^^.. and they informed it to their people… had a deep training for the participans

Another example… indo got Silver in “Mold Making”..Wow..great huh?
But when it’s tracked to the background…
The participant was trained under industry (T*Y**A) – not under government -, which the initiative came from the main office (means Jpn) to enrolled some participants in Indo (since indo is their biggest market hihi)…
Those who were chosen…also sent to Jpn to be trained for several months… wonder huh….
First winner is Jpn, second is us..

Just from the stories i heard…
Dunno, i just feel that our government didn’t really concerned about it…

Let say… anybody know about this competition??

if i didn’t involved in education industry (which fortunately chosen by the government to handle it) i might never know something like this…

I just wonder, why for a world competition like this, it feels like our government didn’t really care a lot..
O please…this is a world class laa… which means, if we win, we will be known…
Dunno why it’s not published like other things (let say infotainment that filled the whole program in most TVs)

Is it like this??

Or it’s just me that don’t update with the news (cos i have no TV hihi)  – even when i tried to open de*ik, it’s not there.. –

Should we reached for a gold medal to be aware?? * like the International Physics Olympiad *

If other countries have a big concern for something like this… how bout us??
When will we start it??

* in the other side, i just happy to hear 한국 win at most division ^^  축하 해요


5 thoughts on “ bout us?

  1. kok jadi seneng Korea yang banyak menang? hahaha..
    dacal si tata.. Tadi ngetik Indo, gua kirain India..
    soalnya di Jepang kalao bilang Indo itu = India.. hihihihi..
    tapi, kwen-chah-nah-yo.. ^^

  2. @ c ceemot
    Hihhi… tujuan jalan2na ngapain yak = =’ boing boing…
    Aih tetep gemes ama treatment government untuk hal2 begini.. = =’

    @ c wil
    Hahahah iya ci wil, berarti ga salah negara impianna (hahah apa coba :p)
    He? trus kalo ngomong indonecia apa dunk ?
    Hihihi… Ye… komapseumnida ^^

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