Making 김밥

또요일, Nov 24

Hohoh today’s course was really interesting, actually we were planned to have a review (from the first till the forth course content)
But our instructor didn’t come.. So Ms.Kang took over the class, gave some review… (next week is the exam day – -‘, thnx G i have saturday off…fyuhh..)

After the review, she told us bout the class after the exam,
We will have a chance to learn about the culture, like the clothes, foods (nyummy), how to make it…
Hihihi..can’t wait for those chances…

And today…
After review..

She taught to make a 김밥 excited..
At first she showed us..
– Put the 김 – kim (seaweed) above the rattan (to roll it up)
– put some 밥 – bab (rice that already mixed with “ketan” and some salt) properly.. don’t full all the seaweed with the rice, leave some space to roll it ^^
– put the stuffs (there were carrot, cucumber, “lobak” – to lazy to translate it hihi – , egg, meat, “dunno the name” – taste like ginger but not as hot as it, ms Kang said it kinda root something like that -, also the mayonnaise..
– roll roll and roll (with the help of the rattan) it up ^^ and make sure to press it. so all the stuffs are sticked..
Then a big 김밥 is ready ^^

Wait couple of times, then cut it to some pieces…
Hey this part kinda hard…i had to make sure, that i didn’t mess it all hiihhi…
Cut off the seaweed.. and make sure the stuffs still look good..

Then the best part..among all…
Eat it hahaha… Nyummy…
정말 맛있었어요^^


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