A new dreaming place

It’s all started when i read the magazine (oits, that’s not for me okay.. for my bro ^^) turned the page one by one…

For me..it’s still a long long journey hihihi… hmm But let’s dreaming first ^^
First place that i fell in love is still Tirtha Bali (with the new Tirtha Uluwatu, that time it’s still under renovation).. since the first time i went there..then the second time..that place was adorable…so romantic hihiih..

So many things bout the wedding that i just knew…let say…
Animated wed video presentation
Say it with Flowers and Music.. * Dreaming * how sweet and romantic hihihi

Wokeh…end about the wed…
I’m awake now ^^ (looking for my prince hahah)

Okeh..one of the article is about The Maldives the place that i just knew -.
Omaigat… i can’t stop dreaming to see place something like that…
Sea – Clouds – Beaches… Underwater views –
Sunny place like that… plus the sunset… 8->
Cottage in the beach… How sweet…

it makes me dreaming again hihihi

** Then start to googling bout that place… **
First i found kinda travel for that place.

Then see some wonderful pictures…


There are some famous islands in that place… those are :
Kuramathi – this is that (dunno why) catches my heart…..
Full Moon


That’s so far that i know…
So that’s the place that i used to see in the email…
OMG..those islands…so amazing… so beautiful…
Anybody ever been there ???

It’s become a new must visit place (though dunno when xixii – it’s not wrong to dream on, rite?? –)

Go to “that 4 seasons country” (to learn)
Work and earn money “there”
Go to some dreaming places (to travel hahaha) and this place is just added to the dreaming places ^^

화이팅!!!! to achieve my dream xixixixi….


13 thoughts on “A new dreaming place

  1. @ Elit…
    Aih..gua ngerti..itu loe kan yang mo buat pengakuan hihihi

    @ c wil
    Xixixixi agreee…bali is wonderful ^^ * udah kangen mo ke bali nee = =’ *

    @ rdt
    Hoho alo rud 🙂
    Segera, di suatu masa di akan datang ^^

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