Wow.. Proud of you ^^

that’s the first impression when i knew about it… after that I was proud of him.. ^^

It’s about my bro..
Well…he just finished his study in Music… Not a public music, but Church Music in piano… – so specific huh…. –
(oits…. no need to ask, i can’t play it wokeh.. like bro doesn’t like sis la ^^ – but i play keyboard, much better than him…. of course QWERTY keyboard huahuahua )

Couple of time before it was published, his gf asked me whether i had his photo or not, so i sent her some photos and let her chose it.
Then it was last month..
“We can get for the new bulletin right in front the entrance”, that’s the announcement said πŸ˜€ …

Then i got it, and opened hihihi… here’s the link..

He was interviewed about music in general, and church music specifically..

To read his interview… wow… so deep (some of it hihi) well, he’s the first graduation from this (piano) major…

. . .

Imagined him couple of years ago…

At first, it was me who got interested in organ, but i gave up (no talent laa = =’) and he continued it, the started to like piano…
Actually it’s supposed to be piano at first… but since our cousins had organ, and played it so well, so we learned it from her πŸ™‚

While i jumped from one instrument to others
(still searched that i like, and my talent hihi – and finally i realized, i have no talent on finding the chord… don’t have such a “music sense” to match the chord nor improvisation – so gave up ^^)
, he still studying the piano… diligently

And finally decided to continue his study (after the F&B short studies… Bro you still owe me that nyummy omelet = =’ i miss that 😦 – oit no comment, yeah he has a great cooking skill…. not like me hahah – ) in music… and committed to serve in the church..

. . .

On Feb, (wow that’s my first post haha ^^) i came to his recital (a prerequisite for music student to graduate, it’s like final project) … i was so proud of him…
to see him play that piano… * clap clap clap clap…*

And now, he’s already back to prev church in Dps.. Serving there…

. . .

Well, he changes a lotttt…. to be better and better…
And he’s my online dictionary for bible things hihihi….
also online encyclopedias about classic music…
and online help for finding chord
also online source for all the doctrines and questions bout faith hahaha..
(Just push the number and ask hihii)
Thnx bro ^^
Lot of things i learned from him…

So proud of him…
You’re the gift from Him to our Family (just like what mom said)
You just like a candle in our fam,

Keep doing the best , keep shining and keep serving faithfully
For God must have His wonderful plan on you

101% support to you hihihi…

* dedicated to my bro ^^ *


7 thoughts on “Wow.. Proud of you ^^

  1. waduh… satu lagi orang yang bertalenta di bidang musik neh… selamat ya buat kokonya…

    gue juga belajar organ ta… dari kecil malah… terus ganti piano. tapi dasar ga ada bakat kali… perasaan ilmunya uda meluap kemana tau sekarang hihihi…

  2. @ all
    Hihi thank you…

    @ renzia
    Hahaha iya ci..emang susa ya kalo ga bakat… udah diputer2 sana sini, ampe eneg2 liat itu toge yang indah berjejer, masiiii aja ga bisa hihihi

    @ anung
    Hahaha… ntar dibilang piracy lagi hihihi..

    @ ci wil n om 23
    Iya tuh recitalnya keren..tumbenΒ²nya daku ga ngantuk denger classic hahah..
    Ayo ayo..nonton konser akhir taon, lebih bagus lagi looo.. full orchestra and choir hihihi…

  3. coba klo kasi foto yang di YM Ta.. hahaha..

    ulasan musiknya di buletinnya.. top d..
    more knowledge for me, thx to your bro πŸ™‚

    tapi you have great voice lohhh.. πŸ˜€

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