Pass it ^^

Precisely last week…

I wrote….
내일은이 시험을 하루.. 나는 걱정… = =’…
Still many words that still had to be memorized.. .
(huff….. 걱정 마세요..모두가 괜찮아요.. 화이팅!!!! – try to encourage my self -)

3 days ago…

I received msg from mr.Kang (the owner of the course place) :
“You achieved a good score for the exam…
please come to our event (xmas celebration and blc bday) this saturday..”

Huaaa… so relieved…. fyuhhh…at least i didn’t fail it.. ^^

축하 축하 ^^ xixixi…
나는행복해요 ^^
나의 선생님…. 고맙습니다 😀

So tomorrow will be the last meet for us (in this year), after that we will learn the culture and so on ^^…

Glad to know this course 😀

Dunno what will the even for tomorrow, i wish i could be there as fast as i can (after the rehearsal in T.Abang as usual :D) …

So many blessings for this month …

Thank God 😀

– still learn to use 한글 to practice –


4 thoughts on “Pass it ^^

  1. @ om 23
    Makasi ommm..

    @ anung
    hahah.. pengennya sih nung…
    Bisa si ga pake teks, tapi tu pilem ga ngerti2 hauhauha..kecuali kalo ada kata babo ama mich’oso huahuahua… (kacau d :p)

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