Blessed Week

Huff…first day of the blessed week already pass ^^

It’s been a while since last posting… So many wonderful things happened let’s try to count it..

one of it I’ve got detail info for my dad… Hmmm wish his surgery (though it’s still not planed when will it be) run well … Diabetes Melitus (DM) is really bad huh?!?…
60% of people who got DM will gradually loose his/her sight, cos it attacks the retina (taken from JEC)

Dad’s left eye doesn’t work well anymore… (at first. so sad to hear that… but I realized i shouldn’t be sad and do nothing…gotta find the medication, since my friend ever told me about it…)

So for those who got DM, just be careful, I’ve seen how evil it is = =’, just from DM could affect the liver, the lungs, the heart… also the eyes… * wattaaaa… kick for DM ^^ *
But thnx God, we already have the medication for it ^^…
So just wait for the right time for them (mom n dad) to come here… and take care of dad’s eye.. and everything will be fine after that ^^

1. Monday… it’s my first one…

I was had my tartar cleaned huahuahua…. after 23 years of living, never do that ^^But finally i did it last week ^^…
At first, kinda scared :S.. went to the dentist…
* since last time to the dentist, i wasn’t the one that in the hot seat *..
N last week, it’s my time :-SS (thnx to ci Lu for accompanied me ^^)
And now… *cling* :D…
bye-bye tartar hahaha… no more browny browny in my teeth :D.. no more coffee effect in it hihi…

2. Tuesday…

I was stunned with a great info.
*but still can’t be shared for now.. but i will share it in someday *
let’s count it as a happy thing 😀

3. Thursday..

Xmas celebration in B*N*S… ëДëĶŽ 큎ëĶŽėŠĪ마ėŠĪ ^^ and finally the choir can sing the chosen songs well (IMHO) with a tight preparation, and finally we did it pals ^^
Thnx to you all… it’s kinda blessing to be part of that choir, to know new people from B*N*S

This day also the first to be rehearsed with Mr. Jahja Ling for the Elijah.. * Bravoooo… *

4. Friday

rushing for the ASC Selection preparation… n Thnk God finally it’s done… Huff huff…

5. Saturday..

The meeting ran well, the rehearsal was great ^^ lot of new things i got about choir from him… let say… Hmm
– important things in singing a song are : Tune, Time and dynamic… that’s technically… Plusss the expression of the meaning of the words..that’s important ^^
– another technical thing… A note before the high note is the most important ^^
What a blessed rehearsal…

And it’s back to new week again for…

Lot of things had wait ahead… this week will be hard..lot of rehearsal here and there, also preparation in Lab, also in ASC Competition…


This is a blessed week…

It might be my last chance to feel all the hectic like this… Being part of the wonderful choir also the concert, plus the Competition.. * wish we can go to WSC n reach the Gold ^^ *, plus the Lab things….
Plus waiting for another good info ^^


Think of every chance that i get will be my last chance really change my mind…
I’ll do my best with this limited days in 2007.. I won’t let the 2007 pass away without any mean…

Plan for this blessed week :

1. Monday…
The meeting (checked)
The rehearsal (checked ^^)

2. Tuesday
The competition (my turn to mark it)
6pm The rehearsal @ Gepembri ðŸ˜Ķ (still worry how to get there)

3. Wednesday
The competition (announcement for those who pass the next training to prepare the ASC08 in malay)
6pm The rehearsal (wish it won’t be too far)

4. Thursday (thnk God it’s holiday ^^)
10am – 6pm (or more = =’) Full of rehearsal…

5. Friday
The rehearsal
7pm The KKR @ JCC… Come come ^^ it’s free 😀

6. Saturday
The concert Day@ Reformed Millenium Cathedral ..Yeah… can’t wait for this day 😀

7. Sunday
First service in RMC, pluss the Concert in Bandung…

Wowww…what a blessed week..

It’s a rare chance to me to experience something like this…
Gotta do it with my best…
Take a good care of my body.. Rest enough..drink more…
No sick for this week !!!


7 thoughts on “Blessed Week

  1. @ anung..
    Wah jadi anget ada anung hhahaha

    @ Rony
    Huaaa…. kalo kata orang lebih ke keturunan silang, jadi kalo bokap ke anak ce, kalo nyokap ke anak co…
    Ya tapi tetep dari pola makan sih, ga ada turunan, kalo makannya sadis ya jadi kena 😛

  2. hi lam kenal ya.

    nyokapku kena DM. ketauan pas udah parah bgt, kadar gulanya udah tinggi sekali. she lost her eye sight. menyerang ke ginjal sampe gagal ginjal. skrg beliau udah rest in peace di atas sana.

    moga2 papamu cepat sembuh ya!
    kalo diet teratur dan rajin minum obat sebenarnya DM bisa diminimalisasi kok efek2nya.

  3. Wah..salam kenal juga kak (secara bingung panggilnya apa, apa ngikut jeng aja ya kayak jeng susi hihi) :D…

    THank you 🙂
    iyah.. ini lagi terus cari info buat laserna 🙂 Thank you 😀

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