Go Away!!!

Aaaa…. why this thing should come in the precious moment like this = =’…
It started from yesterday, suddenly i got FLU ….. aaaaaa…. i hate it, i hate it…

What i’m afraid the most is i get sneeze in the stage.. huhuhu..
wish it won’t be happen for tonite and tmrw…

Dear flu… please go away…. i’d be glad if you come back after the concert = =’ (i give you one day la… don’t stay with me too long :D)
Please go away…syuh syuh…

i don’t like when my nose stopped up like this..
I miss to breath freely again….

1.5 ltr of water => done…
You-C => done
n now… warm lo han kuo ^^
I’ll do any good ways to move away this flu… 😀
just for tonite and tmrw.. please don’t stopped up like this my nose 😀


Yesterday’s KKR was great… the preach… the songs… the soloist…all ran well…
so… 메리 (early) 크리스마스 to you all ^^

First time xmas i don’t physically home… but my heart always home…
Hmmm wondering… how bout next year…
Will i see the white Christmas with my fam ?? * one wish for 2008 hihihi *

Wokeh..time to prepare for tonite ^^
I believe it’s gonna be great :D…



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