Halfway to Bandung

Sunday 23 Dec 07

Actually it’s not my first time to go to Bandung.. But I’m not often to do it too 🙂

Last time I went there I was using travel, and now I went there by bus..

As I gazed the window (I always took the side seat near the window ^^ or in the front.. cos I could get nausea if I couldn’t see the road)… at first all I saw just a city view in Jkt… some dirty brown river with rubbish stacked in it…
huff…when will we get better… .wondering….

I fall a sleep.. .and suddenly I woke up when we were in Cipularang… and I saw out there… G, I really like this view ^^

Things that always caught my attention… beach, sea, bright sky, clouds, starry sky… and now what I saw was nice green rice field, with bright weather.. (finally after couple of rainy days)…

Since I already had a digicam now (hihi finally after the lost of the previous one last year).. I couldn’t hold my eagerness to capture it…

Halfway to Bdg 1


Well.. greeny things used to freshen up my eyes 😀

And to see it, made me can’t wait to get a better view that freshened me more :D…
I just feel, I might pass this way before (actually may be it’s the third yak hihi) but I might forget that there’s a nice view in it… So before I forget about the beauty of the green, I decided to capture it 😀

Since I don’t know when will I have a chance to see it again…

Halfway to Bdg 2

To see there’s a house in the middle of it, made me imagine, what if I live there…. Enjoying the greeny scenery, enjoying the fresh air… Well yeah… luckily it’s sunny weather out there 😀

 Halfway to Bdg 3

Somehow, when I see this picture, I just feel like I live in it… feel the fresh air in it… (so miss the fresh air, since this flu made my nose stopped up left and right by turns = =’)

Well.. those all the thoughts that came up my mind on my way to bdg before the second concert 😀


3 thoughts on “Halfway to Bandung

  1. @ ci Viol..
    Iyahhh… setujuuuu bikin segerrr 😀

    @ anung..
    aih nung, kan inet ada 3G di mana2 hahaha katanya si begitu..
    trus mall ya ntar dibangun looo….(tanpa mengurangi lahan ijo)
    neighbor ntar banyak kok…. huahuahua… ada kebo, kodok yang selalu bersuara kapan saja hauhuahuaa


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