Being a Leader

Suddenly have a thought in my mind…
about my thought of being a leader to others… And what i felt and tried to do so far….
Cos sometimes work forces us to a higher level position..
(well i think most of people want it)

The higher level might have more flexibility
In working time, in working ways, in permission…
But don’t take advantage on it.. especially for personal selfish thing

The higher level means more trust entrusted to you
It’s not always more power, but also more responsibility you have
More risk you have bear 

Mistake is normal,
Never blame your staffs fault in front of others moreover their higher boss
It just pull them down deeper and deeper…
But bear it, since it’s also your fault (as their leader) for not making it rite before it happened

Admitting their mistake in front your colleague doesn’t mean blame them
Admitting their mistake, means we realize it, say sorry for them,
and help them to correct it by their selves (with our guidance if needed),
it might help them more,
rather than always back up them without letting know they’ve done mistakes
it just fooled them and  tiring ourself


Well yeah that’s suddenly pop on my mind when i am writing some messages 😀

I might not a good leader, but I always try to do my best for my staffs and to be better…

hix..counting down the days, make me realize,
so many things i haven’t done… so little things i’ve done…
Still lot of things i should do…but so little time left….
Keep give the best of me ^^


* special dedicated to Team 7 Thnx for teach me to be a better (though not best) one * 

4 thoughts on “Being a Leader

  1. The different between leaders and followers is only and only in innovation.
    They use their imagination as a battle field for dreaming.
    What a man can conceive, it always can be achieved.

    Cos sometimes work forces us to a higher level position..
    You’ve got it.

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